The last thing you never see.— 1st Recon's motto

第一侦查营是隶属于新加州共和国陆军的一支特种部队。It is considered elite, second only to the NCR Rangers in status.


他們是NCR最优秀的侦查部队之一,在莫哈维废土上参加各种特殊行动。第一侦查营成名于第一次胡佛大坝战役,唯一一支NCR 部队在游騎兵部队的狙击手以及一些突击兵的支援下在巨石城的废墟上射杀了无数的凯撒军团官兵。






Craig Boone and Manny Vargas are the only former members in Fallout: New Vegas.


  • Three-Card Bounty任务中,邮差可以找阿尔法小组的5个人帮忙杀死Driver Nephi。当领到他的赏金后,整個第一侦查营会被派往敢死隊营地支援。
  • Possible companion Craig Boone had previously served with the First Recon, where he saw action at Bitter Springs. At least one possible ending to the game has him rejoining his old unit.
  • If the player escorts 1st Recon after completion of Three-Card Bounty, they will take an unorthodox route to get to Camp Forlorn Hope. They travel south of Camp McCarran, east through Allied Technologies offices, southeast just outside of Black Mountain, east through the El Dorado Dry Lake, southeast close to the cazador nest, and finally south to enter Camp Forlorn Hope from the northern entrance. Due to pathfinding issues, 1st Recon members may get stuck in the environment and will seek alternative routes. However, if the player fast-travels after the killing of Driver Nephi, they should arrive at their destination without incident.
  • 第一侦查营除了斯特林下士另外4个人都装备着一把没有装瞄准镜的猎枪,即使他们都是狙击手。戈羅貝茨中尉曾自豪地宣称他们可以“轻易地在800码之外击中目标的眼睛”,由此看来此言屬实。The most probable reason as to why there is no scope on their rifles is that the developers didn't want the player to be able to get free scoped hunting rifle(s), as every hunting rifle in the game is un-scoped and would normally have to be modded to have a scope.
  • Originally, after traveling to Forlorn Hope, all 5 members of 1st Recon would congregate in a clearing inside the camp. This was changed in a recent patch for map optimization purposes, and now the different members can be found inside different buildings in the camp: two inside the command tent, two inside the barracks, and one inside the mess hall.
  • Caesar's Legion are trying to get their howitzer operational during I Hear You Knocking specifically for the purpose of suppressing 1st Recon and Veteran Ranger snipers.
  • Sometimes, they say the generic NCR sayings. Oddly, they even say "Wish I had a 1st Recon guy looking after me" if Boone is currently a companion.




  • 第1偵察營可能是參考了美國海軍陸戰隊的第一偵察營
  • The majority of their dialogue was written by George Ziets.


Has platform::PCPC After arriving at Camp Forlorn Hope, the members of the 1st Recon may not realize they have moved and still speak as if they were battling the Fiends in the ruins of the city. [已验证]


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