You're with the Minutemen? I didn't really think you fellas still existed.— Settler

The First Step is a Minutemen main quest and achievement/trophy in Fallout 4.


  1. 與目標地點的居民談論協議
  2. 執行數個隨機任務中的其中一種
  3. 結束後回報普雷斯敦(獲得獎賞)
  4. 為義勇兵增添四名生力軍


自由鐘聲響起任務結束後 ,普雷斯頓加維與請求獨自倖存者幫助他重建義勇兵,倖存者答應後開啟此任務。




Quest stages

50 Quest started - Talk to settlers at given settlementPreston Garvey has asked me to travel to a nearby settlement that's requested help from the Minutemen. I should go there as soon as possible and see what I can do to help them.
100 Clear raiders at random locationA nearby gang of Raiders has been terrorizing the settlement. I need to find them, and make sure they'll never be a threat to anyone else again.
200 Report your success to settlers at (Settlement)I was able to take out the leader of the nearby Raider gang. They should no longer be a threat to anyone. I need to return to the settlement and let them know they're safe.
300 Quest failure
400 Quest success - unlocked settlement
450Quest finishedReturn to Preston GarveyNow that I've helped the settlement, I need to let Preston know the good news. He'll be excited to know they now support the Minutemen.

Companion affinity

In the dialogue with Preston, companions have reactions to joining the Minutemen:

  • Codsworth, Danse, Deacon, Hancock, MacCready, Nick, and Piper like agreeing to join the Minutemen.
  • X6-88 and Cait dislike it.
  • Codsworth, Curie, Deacon, and Strong dislike refusing to join.
  • Since Preston is always at Sanctuary until the dialogue is completed (at which point he becomes a companion and can be relocated), all other available companions can be dismissed to Sanctuary to witness the dialogue, allowing multiple companions to have their affinities raised or lowered at once.


  • 唯一倖存者將被指派到十松崖高地車站,除非他們都被探索過,然後玩家將被指派到隨機的未探索地點。
  • 雖然只有在玩家完成任務時才會給出經驗值和瓶蓋,但無論任務成功與否,照明槍和將軍的位階都會給的。
  • 同前篇任務註釋,如果玩家成為核子世界襲擊者的領導者,普雷斯敦將要求玩家先搞定他們。(詳見前篇)