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Venomous tunneler
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Cave of the Abaddon
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他们迟早会出现在莫哈维废土上,也许几年后,也许更早。他们繁衍很快,成群结队的捕食,足以把最强壮的生物放倒。我曾经目睹它们把死亡爪撕成碎片,或许会损失几个,但剩下的依然能够把死亡爪大卸八块, like Denver hounds.


Tunnelers are creatures found in the Divide in 2281.


The exact origins of the Tunnelers is unknown. However, there are signs that they were created after the Great War, probably by mutation of an unknown species.[1]Template:Better source 它们的巢穴距离地面很远,这种与地面世界绝缘的生活持续了几个世纪之久,那些希望嶺未引爆的核弹头也没有给它们带来什么影响。但是,某个邮差纳瓦罗带来的包裹里有核弹的激活密码,核弹的爆炸造成了大地震,这些生物也终于从大地的裂缝中来到了地面。不过就像长期生活在幽暗地域的黑暗精灵一样,它们对亮光很不适应,也讨厌噪音,所以它们还是偏好生活在阳光无法照射到的阴暗角落,比如洞穴、隧道等。




就像一个四肢着地的人,暗绿色的表皮布满鳞片,从肩膀到脑袋的位置长着壳质尖刺,像凹凸曼一样的眼睛发着诡异的寒光,满嘴都是锋利的牙齿。长期生活在暗无天日的地下使它们的眼睛对光线极为敏感,因此闪光弹信号枪会使它们极为害怕,甚至逃跑。Their enlarged eyes appear to be an adaptation to the conditions of their preferred habitat and are sensitive to light.

Gameplay attributes编辑

Tunnelers will flee from a multitude of things such as:

  • Flash bangs: These will startle them and cause them to run away or become frenzied. However, they must detonate at a close proximity to have any effect.
  • Flare gun: Tunnelers will only be frightened by the flare gun if they are hit. When hit they will flee as long as they are on fire; if the flare misses, and the shot lands at their feet, they are less likely to do so.
  • Flamer: Although not directly damaging them with any effects other than fire damage, firing a flamer at them will usually cause them to burrow and resurface in another location.


穴居者 编辑


These are the most common type of tunneler and will deal medium damage individually. Tunnelers typically attack in groups, swarming anything in their way. This makes them lethal opponents to even higher-level Couriers. Template:Stats creature FNV Template:Stats creature FNV Template:Stats creature FNV

大块头的穴居者 编辑


Hulking tunnelers are the second largest variant of tunneler, second only to the tunneler queen. They are quite rare and are not as fast as regular tunnelers, but if they strike the Courier, there is a good chance he or she will be staggered or knocked down.

Template:Stats creature FNV Template:Stats creature FNV Template:Stats creature FNV

有毒的穴居者 编辑


The smallest of the tunnelers, they are also quite rare except at higher levels, when they are more frequent in the pack. Venomous tunnelers are faster than others and their attacks deal less damage on the initial strike. As their name implies, they possess a deadly venom which can quickly overpower an inexperienced player character. As they swarm with regular and hulking tunnelers, even a higher-level player character can be killed in a matter of seconds. Template:Stats creature FNV Template:Stats creature FNVTemplate:Stats creature FNV

穴居女王 编辑


The largest of the tunnelers, the queen combines deadly speed and hard-hitting attacks, enough to kill even a deathclaw. While there is only one (located in the Cave of the Abaddon), she has only 25 HP less than a deathclaw, making her a formidable opponent. Template:Stats creature FNV Template:Stats creature FNV Template:Stats creature FNV


  • Tunnelers appear to have some form of bioluminescence.
  • Tunnelers are counted as "abominations" and as such, will flee from flares or flashbangs. They will also count toward abomination-related challenges.
  • Tunnelers are marked as neutral on the compass when emerging from underground.
  • Tunnelers do not take double damage from headshots.


Tunnelers appear in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on, Lonesome Road.


  • xbox360Icon xbox360 ps3Icon ps3 Sometimes when attacking in V.A.T.S they will not take any damage, even with an obviously successful attack. 表达式错误:未预料的<操作符



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