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Gametitle-FO3 BS

圣骑士托里斯坦 in the Lone Wanderer's orders.

移动基站是一辆极其巨大的载具 found at 亞當斯空軍基地 in the Fallout 3 add-on Broken Steel.



Location and entry编辑

The mobile base crawler is located at Adams Air Force Base, on the eastern side. The crawler can only be entered after the terminal to lower the ramp has been activated; the terminal becomes accessible during the quest, Who Dares Wins.



底层 编辑


这些力场护盾可以通过控制终端的指令关闭,When these panels are activated there will be four options:

  • 什么指令都不输入:什么事情都不会发生。
  • 关闭力场护盾:requires a Science skill of 80, and will completely turn the field off.
  • Set a timed charge: requires an Explosives skill of 50, 力场护盾的线路會过载烧毁,这并不会完全消除力场护盾,在穿过护盾的时候会稍微有点疼。
  • 暴力破壞:线路立即过载并对玩家造成伤害,这并不会完全消除力场护盾,在穿过护盾的时候会稍微有点疼。

发射平台基层 编辑


  • 关闭安保:该设施内所有的机器人停止运作。
  • 删除机器人的敌我识别代码:将导致所有的机器人开始一场无差别的屠杀。
  • 检查机器人状态:将显示当前机器人的运行情况。
  • 更改目標:Requires Robotics Expert.将导致所有的机器人立刻开始攻击英克雷的士兵。

在此楼层同时还有医疗区、生活区(包括診療間、餐厅、厨房和必不可少的厕所)There is also a storage roomdirectly below (down the stairs) from the door to the launch pad。以及一个小型的军火库, 裡面可以找到游戏中唯二的一把外星枪以及一些弹药。

顶层 编辑

在上到移动平台顶部之后,还需要再走一段路才能进入卫星控制塔楼。在此处有三个飞鸟直升机的着陆点,并且在游戏过程中会有英克雷的援兵在这里登陆并阻击玩家,此外,这里还零散地分布有一些弹药和终端。There are 5 sentry bots here that can be hacked using an available terminal.

卫星控制塔楼 编辑

卫星控制塔楼分为三层,每层之间通过楼梯相连,在这里储存有一部分供保安人员使用的武器和弹药。在最顶层的终端里可以找到一条来自于对这台终端出现在这里厌恶至极的英克雷科研人员的留言,如果在之前死亡爪研究设施处的终端那里玩家修改了英克雷保安机器人的密码,那么此处还会再出现一条消息称他们已经锁死了所有的安全门好把机器人都关在里面。There is also a terminal which unlocks all doors. 轨道卫星阵列的控制权也在这台终端上,which allows control over the orbital satellites.可以选择下列目标之一进行攻击:


Notable loot编辑

  • Alien blaster - Launch platform base, in a Hard locked gun case in the armory which is guarded by the armory master. Along with it are a few alien power cells and three more Average locked boxes containing cells below the gun case.
  • Precision Gatling laser - carried by the armory master.
  • Composite recon helmet - worn by the armory master.
  • Slo-burn flamer - Launch platform base, in the southeast end inside a stasis field behind the sign labeled "Sensitive Electronics".
  • 13 combat knives in perfect condition can be found in the storage room, behind a large white crate.
  • 17 lead pipes, all in perfect condition, can be found in the storage room, close to one of the middle deck access hatches to the entrance bay.
  • 17 knives in perfect condition can be found in the kitchen, on the oven.

Related quest: Who Dares Wins编辑

主页面: Who Dares Wins
It is necessary to go inside the mobile base crawler and launch an orbital strike to complete Broken Steel as part of the last main quest of the add-on.


Gnome and hand

This gnome had some fun!

  • After the end of Broken Steel (If the crawler has been destroyed), Scribe Rothchild will inform the Lone Wanderer that the Brotherhood is reclaiming massive amounts of weapons and technology from the remains of the crawler and surrounding base.
  • After completing Who Dares Wins, the mobile base crawler will not be accessible without using console commands.
  • There is a drum of Aqua Pura in the satellite control tower as well as a stack of drums beneath the stairs in the southwest corner of the launch platform base.
  • Somewhat amusingly, in two of the toilets in the base, there's a length of human intestine.
  • Drinking from any of the toilets or sinks in any restroom has no rad penalty.
  • A bloody garden gnome with glowing eyes and a deathclaw hand can be found in one of the stalls.
  • In between a counter with junk on top, there is a small gap where a garden gnome stands, in front of the gnome is a ball and farther in the gap, is a triangular pattern of milk bottles, which is an obvious reference to bowling.


  • If you exit and re-enter the satellite tower from door on the top floor (leading to the landing pad) all the items on the bodies inside will respawn, you can repeat this over and over for infinite ammunition, Enclave armor, weapons etc. Exiting the tower from the bottom floor and re-entering sometimes causes the bodies to disappear; exiting and re-entering from the top again will restore the bodies. 表达式错误:未预料的<操作符
  • Disabling the forcefield that blocks the player from reaching the slo-burn flamer by bashing it, and walking through while over encumbered may cause the player to take continuous damage, regardless of whether they are actually in contact with the field. This leads to a guaranteed death (and the player's body twitching after death, as if still taking damage). Being normally encumbered while going through the field appears to solve this. 表达式错误:未预料的<操作符

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