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The Order of Mysteries is a sisterhood dedicated to upholding the virtues exemplified by the Mistress of Mystery: courage, cunning, and compassion. We fight in the shadows to protect ourselves, one another, and the people of Appalachia from any threat to their lives or liberty.

—Mission statement[1]

The Order of Mistresses of Mystery, or Order of Mysteries, is a faction that was founded by Shannon and Frederick Rivers in Appalachia after the War.


The Rivers adopted multiple orphaned girls after the Great War and provided them food, shelter, and training to survive. The Order was created so that they could be heroes for Appalachia, based on the Mistress of Mystery from the Silver Shroud comics. The combat style of the Order was based on the same hero, focusing on reconnaissance, stealth, and cunning.

Frederick was the only male in the group but wasn't ranked and instead had the role of being their technological specialist. He designed and built the Order's equipment that was based on the fictional equipment of the Mistress of Mystery. He also reprogrammed the RobCo mainframe Cryptos to support the Order by automating initiate registration, mentor assignment, and mission assignment. He also invented a fabricator to automate the creation and repair of the Order's equipment.

The Order was destroyed after Olivia Rivers, daughter of the founders, sold out the Order to Brody Torrance, a childhood friend who became a raider. Later, she revealed her betrayal to her mother and fought and killed her at Seneca Rocks. Olivia was the last member prior to 2102 before she was double crossed and killed by Brody.



The Headmistress was the leader of the Order and embodiment of the Mistress of Mystery. She assigned missions to Mistresses and Seekers. Shannon Rivers was the only Headmistress until sometime before 2102.


The Mistress of Novices was the second in command and assigned missions to novices. In the absence of the Headmistress she also assigned missions to Mistresses and Seekers. Eve Devoir was the last to hold the position before 2102.


Mistresses were full members of the Order who reported directly to the Headmistress or the Mistress of Novices in her absence.


Seekers studied advanced combat tactics and reported directly to the Headmistress or Mistress of Novices. When they demonstrated "mastery of stealth, infiltration, combat, and tactics" by completing a "mission worthy of the true Mistress of Mystery," they could apply to be promoted to the rank of Mistresses of Mystery.[2]


Novices continued to train under their mentor and were assigned missions by the Mistress of Novices. When they completed a series of capstone missions, they could become Seekers.


Initiates were the newest members and worked with a mentor as they trained. They were unable to accept to missions until they were promoted to Novice when their mentors saw fit. Initiates were recruited by other members and were given a veil to enter the headquarters.


Each piece of armor, weapon, and tools used by the order were based on those used by the fictional character Mistress of Mystery. These tools were known as the Regalia of Mystery and members would receive the equipment as they were promoted. The Regalia included:

  • 神秘面紗 - a veil that protects identity and also against gas, smoke, and fumes.
  • 秘神服裝 - a formal dress that was redesigned for mobility and stealth.
  • 魅影裝置 - a stealth tool that creates a smoke screen for rapid escape.
  • 芭絲特之刃 - a sword.
  • 落沉之聲 - a modified .44 revolver that could fire smoke and electromagnetic bullets
  • 太陽神之眼 - a jeweled brooch.

會員列表 编辑

會長 编辑

  • 夏儂·瑞佛斯

秘神女導師 编辑

  • 伊芙·德瓦

秘神女 编辑

  • 凱薩琳·亞當斯
  • 莎拉·伯內特
  • 蒂亞娜·謝福爾
  • 凱莉·伊凡斯
  • 露西亞·海恩斯
  • 娜塔莎·杭特 (首席醫官)
  • 伊芙琳·傑克森
  • 艾莉森·容恩
  • 凡妮莎·理查茲
  • 奧莉維亞·瑞佛斯
  • 亞蘭娜·羅德里克 (醫官)
  • 艾咪·湯瑪斯
  • 珍妮特·泰勒
  • 伊雷娜·札卡爾

探子 编辑

  • 伊莎貝拉·柯爾 (醫療助手)
  • 瑪德蓮·吉拉德
  • 勞啦·哈汀
  • 吉雅娜·浩威
  • 布莉安娜·里昂
  • 瑞秋·威斯

學徒 编辑

  • 可拉·貝爾蒙特 (醫療助手)
  • 喬安娜·強森
  • 安娜·佩瑞茲
  • 碧姬·雷夫斯
  • 索妮雅·瑞蘭
  • 范歐蕾·湯瑪斯

新人 编辑

  • 艾莉西斯·貝爾蒙特
  • 柔伊·伊凡斯
  • 賈絲汀·席瓦

技術專家 编辑

  • 費德列克·瑞佛斯


Order of Mysteries appears in Fallout 76.


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