科尼利厄斯已经失去了他的金怀表。查找并把它归还给他 是一个 支线任务辐射2 从得到的 科尼利厄斯摩多克.


Obtaining the watch

Asking Cornelius about the watch, he will mention that Farrel has a safe. However, Farrel is a bit touchy about it and won't let you open it. If you do, the watch isn't there and Modoc will turn hostile.

Anyway, go outside and into the outhouse. You can open the "toilet" and climb down. A huge cavern filled with goo (yuck) is there, with a pile of rocks blocking the passage to the north. Your character will remark that within the cavern, there is an overwhelming smell of methane gas, so the smallest spark would blow it sky-high.

Leave your non-player characters outside and get an explosive. Put it near the blockade then RUN! As soon as you climb back up, it will go off, turning the outhouse into a crater and covering half of Modoc with goo (extra yuck). It is possible to die in the explosion, so save first. It is also possible to survive the explosion in the cavern if you hide in the farthest corner, but you will have to leave and come back for the rocks to be cleared, so doing this is not beneficial in any way. Setting off the explosion earns you 500 XP.

Now, go into the cleared blockade. You will find a mole rat defending its lair. Kill it, then scour the lair for the watch and a bag.

Returning the watch

Give the watch to Farrel, or give the watch to Cornelius and say the rat had it for a reward of 1500 XP and +10 Karma.

Additionally, you may return the watch to Cornelius and claim that Farrel stole it for a reward of 500 XP and -5 Karma instead.





如果手表,当你在你的库存低于袋送人,它不会被从清单中移除,所以你可以给它额外的XP 科尼利厄斯 和法雷尔。


甲烷(甲烷)是一个 没有臭味 的气体。因此,它是不可能的“气味”甲烷。