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Fawkes' Super Sledge is a Super Sledge equipped by Fawkes while escaping Vault 87 with him.


  • Fawkes' Super Sledge can be repaired with ordinary Super Sledges.
  • When Fawkes is taking you to the G.E.C.K., you can tell him you wish to trade equipment and he should have Fawkes' Super Sledge in his inventory. Particularly if he is using another weapon, and the Super Sledge is not on the ground. He sometimes has 2 or more.
  • If you chose not to take the item before Fawkes retrieves the G.E.C.K. and wait till outside Raven Rock, sometimes he will simply not have the weapon anymore. Even setting him to close combat will cause him to use only his fists, making the weapon impossible to get. This does not appear to have been fixed in patch 1.1.
  • At any point in time, when Fawkes goes to get the G.E.C.K. for you, Fawkes might drop his super sledge and pick up a sledgehammer or a super sledge, allowing you to pick up his super sledge for yourself.
  • The easiest way to get Fawkes Super Sledge is to go into V.A.T.S. and shoot the super sledge out of his hands. Fawkes should then just take out a regular Sledge Hammer.


He also will use it later on if you decide to have him join you after escaping Raven Rock. To obtain it, kill him or accept him as an ally and trade equipment with him. If you choose to take it, Fawkes is equipped with a normal sledgehammer. You may also pickpocket one from him. (he appears to have two in his inventory when pickpocketing.)

Also, if your karma is not high enough to get him in your party and you don't want to kill or pickpocket him, wait for one of the super mutants in Vault 87 to knock it out of his hands. After the fight he will usually pick up the weapon that the super mutant used or the aforementioned sledgehammer. Then you are free to pick it up off of the ground. If you did not get it during Finding the Garden of Eden, if you go back to Vault 87 when you have Fawkes as a follower he will equip his super sledge. You must be in the experimental section of Vault 87 where Fawkes was originally found for him to equip it.

Plus in Fallout 3 Broken Steel when you wake up , Fawkes should have the rare super sledge (IF HE IS NOT A FOLLOWER)


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