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The Holy Frag Grenade is a unique thrown explosive in Fallout: New Vegas.


从外型上看,这东西就是一枚普通的碎片手榴弹,只不过上面画了个白色的十字而已,使用方法也和普通的手榴弹一摸一样——但是这玩意儿爆炸起来可是跟迷你核弹一样有蘑菇云的,There will also be radiation in the area it detonated.



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Perk wild wasteland 整个游戏就3个,选了Wild Wasteland的特征,在探照燈營地教堂地下室捡到,guarded by two golden geckos.Players without the trait will find two mini nukes in the location instead. If the player originally did not choose the Wild Wasteland trait, but switched to it using the Auto-Doc in Old World Blues before taking the mini nukes, then the Holy Frag Grenades can still be obtained.


  • Characters with Loose Cannon may be unable to escape the blast, even if thrown the furthest possible distance. This becomes particularly problematic when combined with Splash Damage.
  • When thrown, the grenade no longer has the white cross on it and looks like a normal frag grenade.
  • Due to the grenade's high damage, if you are not killed in the blast, your armor may break or become so damaged its DT is negligible.
  • The blast radius will surely turn any passive creature that survives the blast hostile, even with the Animal Friend perk. This can be used to the player's advantage to flush out enemies at long range to clear fast travel restrictions.
  • Despite being a unique, more powerful version of frag grenade, Holy Frag Grenades are not considered a holdout weapon
  • When taking into account reload times, it has the highest DPS of any explosive weapon.

Behind the scenes编辑


  • If dropped, the Holy Frag Grenade may be stuck where it is dropped. While they can be picked back up, the player cannot freely position them for display. [已核实]
  • Icon pc In the first seconds after loading the game and the Courier had the Holy Frag Grenade equipped, the blast of the Holy Frag Grenade may not do any damage to the Courier, followers or NPCs, but there will be radiation on the place where the Holy Frag Grenade exploded. Damage from hitting the person will also be taken in account. [已核实]


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