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神聖曼陀羅根赤誠之心中增加的 consumable item in the Fallout: New Vegas


The Pip-Boy icon is identical to that of the xander root. 這種長著白花的袖珍型灌木有點像牽牛花,而且含有劇毒,所以可以用來做成毒藥,直接食用的話會中毒,such as that of cazadores and nightstalkers etc.;如果中了這種毒,也只有用它配製的曼陀羅解毒劑能夠解毒, as the antivenom from the Mojave has no effect on this type of poison。從「通過儀式」這個任務來看,它還可以做成一種很苦的藥茶,使人產生各種幻覺。不過目前看來,傷痛部落的薩滿白鳥是唯一一個懂得調製這種藥劑的人。


  • The datura root can be found within The Narrows. The root must be picked.
  • It can also be purchased from Joshua Graham.
  • 錫安峽谷幾乎每一座橋的橋頭都能採到這種植物。

Behind the scenes

Datura is a deliriant hallucinogen that has, in many cultures, been used for both its hallucinogenic and its toxic properties for many centuries. It is very dangerous to ingest, and people have died taking it for a "high".

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