Don't fire 'til you see the whites of their eyes.

—Order given during The Battle of Bunker Hill, Monument Plaque

Bunker Hill is a location and potential settlement in the Commonwealth in 2287. 解完碉堡山之役並且解掉凱絲勒任務就能解鎖聚落。



After the Great War, the memorial to the fallen soldiers still stands, though caravan traders have made their home here. In the past, the Minutemen protected the settlement from the dangers of the Commonwealth, but after failing to answer a call during a raider attack, the Minutemen are no longer held in high esteem in the settlement, and they rely mostly on mercenary protection against things that cannot be bought, such as super mutants.

The Railroad has a base underneath the complex, where they prepare synths for extradition from the Commonwealth. During their purge of the Railroad, the Institute attacks this complex, and it is unknown what the outcome of the battle is.


The perimeter of Bunker Hill is surrounded by a large wall, only allowing access through the main gate on the south side and a small door on the east side. Just in front of the main gate is an obelisk with stairs leading to the top. Behind that is a large open space with Deb, the general storekeeper, to the east, one of the caravan leaders in the northeast and Stockton in the northwest. On the west side behind the bar is an inaccessible hatch to the utility basement.

Just west of the entrance to the settlement there's Kay's building where medical treatment is available, and the workbench when the settlement has been earned. Next to that in the southwest corner is Kessler's home. Following the wall there's another shack, then in the northwest corner is the Savoldi's place where food and lodging is available. The north and east sides contain a couple more shacks.



  • 愛與生活第7期 (+25% XP from persuading men) 方尖碑頂樓的桌上。
  • 迷你核彈 - 公用設施地下室, lowest level, southwest corner behind some crates.
  • Vault-Tec lunchbox - Utility basement, small room at the end, in a crate on a shelf.
  • 加入鐵路 - 在市場一進來左邊櫃台上。

廢棄的房子 编辑


Related quests编辑


  • During the Escaped Synth random encounter, a man named Timothy will ask the Sole Survivor for directions to Bunker Hill.
  • Upon the first time visiting Bunker Hill, one may be able to find Deacon posing as a caravan worker.
  • The Sole Survivor may encounter the ghoul Edward Deegan here, where he will then try and recruit the player character to come work for his employer, Jack Cabot.
  • While escorting Liberty Prime towards the Institute during Ad Victoriam, he will recognize the monument and salute it.
  • The settlement's constructible area does not include the top half of the obelisk. A vertical boundary is not shown, however.
  • Upon fast traveling to Bunker Hill, companions comment on it.
  • Upon first getting access to Bunker Hill's workshop, a significant number of caps can be taken from its inventory, presumably this is the player's cut of the income from the caravans and stores in the settlement. This income regularly restocks like player-built settlement shops, but it is unknown if the initial sum of caps is pre-determined, or is accumulated over time before the player accesses the inventory.
  • As a usable settlement, Bunker Hill will have a notably smaller population than is expected. This is because the traveling merchants and their caravan guards do not count as settlers and cannot be assigned to alternate tasks.
  • The completion of The Battle of Bunker Hill is not required to unlock Bunker Hill's workstation. Should the Sole Survivor get Banished from the Institute before completion of the said quest, and if Kessler's quest was completed, Kessler will comment on the Sole Survivor having powerful friends and allow them to run the town.


Bunker Hill appears only in Fallout 4.


  • 在美國獨立戰爭中,碉堡山戰役主要在布里德山上進行,而不是碉堡山。碉堡山位於布里德山西北部,有段距離,毗鄰曾經連接查爾斯半島和劍橋的狹窄陸橋(extensive landfill has largely erased the geographical distinction between Charlestown and the mainland)。
  • 現實世界的碉堡山紀念碑建在戰場發生地的布里德山上。因此,就像現實一樣,遊戲中的碉堡山之戰不會發生在碉堡山。


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