Icon Blind Betrayal
Blind Betrayal trophy
奖励350+ XP
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Blind Betrayal trophy
requirementsComplete Blind Betrayal
gamerscore10 Gamerscore
trophy typeBronze Bronze
I wish Maxson had sent someone else. But that doesn't change a thing. I'm a synth, which means I need to be destroyed. If you disobey your orders, you're not only betraying Maxson, you're betraying the Brotherhood of Steel and everything it stands for. Synths can't be trusted. Machines were never meant to make their own decisions, they need to be controlled. Technology that's run amok is what brought the entire world to its knees and humanity to the brink of extinction. I need to be the example, not the exception.


Blind Betrayal is a Brotherhood of Steel main quest and achievement/trophy in Fallout 4.


  1. 麦克森长老对话。
  2. 昆兰督学对话。
  3. 跟着海伦学士并对话。
  4. B监听站找到圣骑士丹斯
  5. 选择处决或放过他。(选择处决跳至第9项)
  6. 离开监听站遇到麦克森长老。
  7. 选择处决丹斯,让长老动手或说服长老放过他。
  8. 如果成功救了丹斯,与其对谈。
  9. 回到普利德温号回报任务。







If the Survivor enters the bunker and is seen by Danse, then leaves the bunker, Danse will commit suicide.




  • 顺应麦克森杀死丹斯。
  • 劝说麦克森失败或是建议他亲自执行,麦克森会动手杀死丹斯。
  • 劝说麦克森放丹斯一条生路,麦克森会当丹斯死过了,让他远离兄弟会。


Companion reactions编辑

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Quest stages编辑

10 Speak to Elder MaxsonI've been informed that Elder Maxson has an urgent mission for me and I should report to him on the Prydwen immediately.
20 Speak to Proctor QuinlanAccording to Elder Maxson, Paladin Danse is actually an Institute Synth in disguise and needs to be executed. Unfortunately, Danse has disappeared but Proctor Quinlan might have a way to track him down.
30 Follow Scribe Haylen
40 Speak to Scribe Haylen
50 Travel to Listening Post BravoScribe Haylen has told me that I'm likely to find Paladin Danse at Listening Post Bravo. She's also pleaded with me not to kill him without letting him tell his side of the story. I'll have to decide when I arrive at the bunker.
60 Locate Paladin Danse
70 Speak to Paladin Danse
80 Execute Paladin DanseI've decided that I have no choice but to execute Paladin Danse. All that remains is pulling the trigger.
90 Retrieve Paladin Danse's HolotagsPaladin Danse is dead. I should retrieve his holotags to use as proof of his demise.
110 Report to Elder Maxson (Danse dead)Paladin Danse is dead. I should return to Elder Maxson and inform him that my mission is complete.
120 Exit Listening Post Bravo (Danse alive)I've decided to allow Paladin Danse to live, but he needs to flee the Commonwealth immediately. I should escort him outside the bunker to make sure he leaves safely.
130 Speak to Elder Maxson
140 Execute Paladin DanseAfter being confronted by Elder Maxson outside of Listening Post Bravo, I've decided to obey his orders and execute Paladin Danse.
150 Maxson kills Danse
160 Speak to Paladin Danse (Danse spared)
170 Speak to Elder Maxson (Danse killed)Paladin Danse is dead. I should speak to Elder Maxson as soon as possible.
180 Speak to Elder Maxson on the Prydwen (Danse dead or alive)Elder Maxson has agreed to spare Paladin Danse, but he's no longer welcome with the Brotherhood. Danse has decided to set up camp at Listening Post Bravo. I should now return to the Prydwen for debriefing.
255Icon checkQuest completeWith Danse's situation resolved, Elder Maxson has promoted me to Paladin and awarded me a full suit of Paladin's Power Armor which I can find on the Prydwen's Main Deck.
355Icon crossQuest failed


  • 完成此任务将自动接战术思考,会导致P.A.M.进入“锁定”状态,无法交谈或接受任务,从而断绝铁路组织的部分支线任务。但如果与钢铁兄弟会敌对就会恢复正常状态。(不包括带上丹斯的情况)
  • 丹斯的好感度最高值在本任务完成前会锁在999,只有在任务结束存活时才有机会解锁其同伴特技。而任务结束后下一次碰到丹斯,其动力装甲会换成X-01
  • It's fine if one fails the speech-check with Maxson at the beginning of the quest as he will just give the player character another chance to try again. Even if that fails, the conversation will lead to "Has it ever occurred to you that Danse might not be aware of his identity?" to which a somewhat surprised Maxson replies "No, it had not" and then proceeds to grant you the quest as usual.
  • Be careful when fast-traveling to the Listening Post Bravo; the turrets will shoot right after loading.
  • 在任务尾端回到普利德温号回报时,如果碉堡山战役任务进行到提醒兄弟会,这里会优先出现相关对话。
  • 丹斯的死会成为游戏中的脚本事件,例如在监听站外与麦克森长老会面时,抢在丹斯被处决前杀死长老,丹斯也会马上死亡,就算丹斯离再远也一样。或者在结束本任务前完成了Defend the Castle也会导致死亡。
  • 任务完成后与丹斯旅行会导致兄弟会敌对,解散后就正常了。
  • Sparing Danse and sending him to the Boston Airport will cause all of the Brotherhood soldiers to be hostile. Sending him to a settlement and then calling a Brotherhood Vertibird to the settlement may result in a battle between Danse and the settlers and the Vertibird.
  • 任务完成后将丹斯指派到波士顿机场会导致他与自由至尊的一场永无休止的战斗。这通常会以停机坪上驻守的无名兄弟会士兵们死于丹斯的攻击或者自由金刚的28型核弹收场。
Icon cut content以下内容基于Fallout 4删减内容,因而不应完全作正史内容看待。
  • 未采用的对话 暗示了圣骑士丹斯和主角原本会挑战麦克森的长老地位。随着他的战败,丹斯将取回圣骑士的地位,而主角会成为兄弟会的新长老。In the final game, killing Elder Maxson will result in the Sole Survivor being declared an enemy to the Brotherhood of Steel, and Danse goes hostile as if he was still allied with the Brotherhood.
Icon cut content关于Fallout 4删减内容的内容到此作结。


  • Once Elder Maxson arrives in the Vertibird after exiting the listening post, he starts walking off into the distance making it very difficult to enter dialogue with him. One potential fix is to continually step in front of him and prevent him from moving too far away from Danse, allowing Danse to be spared or executed by Maxson. If he does get away, the quest can be completed by executing Danse personally and finding Maxson to the north and briefly talking to him to return him to his quarters. Alternatively, on PC, select Maxson in the console and use the tc command to take control of him to stop him walking away and complete the dialogue. Use the tc command again to return him back to AI control. You may need to use to return control to the player if you use this method.[已核实]
  • Icon pc If the Defend the Castle quest is in progress, pending an attack from the Institute, you can still complete this quest but there can be some bugs. First, the quest marker will be tracking Danse as opposed to directing you to Listening Post Bravo. However, console commands (PRID for Danse and then moveto.player) can be used to summon Danse to the bunker at Listening Post Bravo. You will need to summon him again when you come up again before the final confrontation with Maxson. When Maxson speaks to you, Danse will start running in what looks like the direction of Sanctuary. Unfortunately, this can easily trigger Maxson to give up on the conversation and 'execute' Danse (he moves forward and makes an execution motion where Danse should be standing). The only way found to fix this is to rapidly click through dialogue. Upon completion, you MUST talk with Danse before returning to Defend the Castle, otherwise the request will fail. This is difficult because Danse is running away, and the console command to bring him to you no longer works. A tracking mod can be used to catch up with Danse, or alternatively you could try manually heading east in the hope you will find him on your journey or at Sanctuary. You can complete the quest by chatting to him and if you invite him to stay with you, he will show up at whichever settlement you last sent him to.[已核实]
  • If the Institute is destroyed by the Minutemen, Elder Maxson will say he is busy and will refuse to speak to the player, therefore he cannot give the quest. Also in the police station, Scribe Haylen's dialogue will suggest you have completed the quest even if you haven't. Danse will remain in any settlement the player has left him in and he will continue his normal dialogue and will stay in his power armor.[已核实]
  • Icon pc Upon exiting Listening Post Bravo with Danse (having refused to kill him), the dialogue in which you have the option to either execute Danse or persuade Elder Maxson to let him live may be skipped altogether, resulting in the immediate execution of Danse by Maxson.[已核实]
  • Icon xboxone If you already have a set of power armor on the rack Danse's suit defaults to, his will not appear (although the inventory screen will flicker when you look at it). However, if you enter the suit you will enter Danse's - leaving your old one behind.[已核实]
  • Icon xboxone If Paladin Danse was your companion when starting Blind Betrayal, he may still be invincible when you encounter him in the bunker. One potential fix is to convince him to live, then hand the execution order to Elder Maxson, which will result in the quest progressing.[已核实]
  • Upon arrival at the bunker, Danse may be wearing no clothes, which may be due to upgrading Danse's power armor. Any upgraded components will not be available on the suit of power armor retrieved from the bay in the Prydwen.[已核实]
  • * This can also occur if Danse's BOS Uniform was unequipped while trading gear with him. The uniform can't be re-equipped after removing, resulting in Danse wearing just his underwear under his power armor and, thus, just underwear during his cut-scenes in Blind Betrayal.
  • If Elder Maxson is killed after the interaction with Paladin Danse and before he enters the Vertibird, Elder Maxson will appear dead upon exiting the Prydwen during Rocket’s Red Glare. Using this method it is possible to duplicate his Battle Coat.[已核实]

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