Peabody house is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287 near Quincy ruins.


It is a two-story colonial house in the middle of swampland near the remains of the broken freeway. 这里住着和麦特·皮博迪卡罗尔·皮博迪两夫妇,他们的儿子比利当年听到警报响起匆忙中躲进了一个冰箱里困了两百多年。


The house is in a dilapidated state, consisting of a small covered porch to the front and one room on the ground floor with a small sitting area and kitchen/dining area. A baseball bat is propped up behind the front door with two wild razorgrain growing outside the back door but cannot be harvested.

A set of stairs lead up to another room containing two old iron beds with a first aid box on the west wall. One of the beds is noticeably smaller than normal, being intended for a child, presumably Billy, and has a wooden box containing toys next to it.

The windows are all broken with the roof collapsed and now open to the skies, which would be of less concern to the ghoul occupants.

Partially hidden by the dresser on the east wall is an unlocked safe low on the wall with owned contents.

Notable loot编辑

Nuka-Cola Quantum - Inside the fridge located in the living room. It must be stolen even if the related quest Kid in a Fridge is completed.

Related quest编辑


  • When arriving at the house with Billy for the quest, Bullet (met earlier in the quest) will be waiting with a couple of others and demand the sale of the family. Often when visiting at other times, there are several Gunners presumably from nearby Quincy ruins in the house who will immediately attack.
  • Given the close proximity of the house to the ruins, it is possible that Gunners will engage the player character and/or the family. The Peabodys are marked as essential towards the Gunners, meaning they won't die and may eventually kill the Gunners, even if it takes some time. However, they can be killed by the player's stray bullets or getting too close to a grenade thrown in a firefight with the Gunners.


Peabody house appears only in Fallout 4.


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