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The Whitespring Resort is a location in the Forest region of Appalachia in 2102.


Built in 1858, The Whitespring Resort offered a wide array of shops, dining, and 「exciting sporting opportunities for distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen."[1] Even after the Great War, explorers of Appalachia can still use several amenities provided by the resort, most notably the Ironclad Service security system and vendor robots.

In May of 2075, The Whitespring 2080 Initiative was announced. This major five-year renovation included The Homesteads, The Springhill, the Ironclad Service, and Modern Heritage projects, as well as enhanced business class facilities and events. The Ironclad Service was notable for replacing all security and groundskeeping staff,[2] while the Modern Heritage renovations were responsible for locking down the hotel from January of 2079 until May of 2086.[3] The resort's staff reacted negatively to the Ironclad Service and causing many to leave or plan to leave for new jobs. The Ironclad Service subsequently became a public relations nightmare in which the Charleston Herald depicted the resort's management as another big corporation's reliance on robots over a human workforce. Furthermore, the Homesteads project, which has been a financial linchpin of the Initiative, failed to gain the desire revenue to prop up the capital improvement loans for the Initiative.[4]

By the time the Great War began, nearly all of the staff and guests fled the resort. Only four staff, ninety-two guests, and along with five hundred robots remained at the resort. Candy counter Joyce Easton took charge of the resort, becoming the "Acting Assistant Manager."[5] The survivors made it through the radioactive fallout and were stocked with supplies that would last for a decade. But their stay at the resort would end when the automated Modern Heritage renovations were activated in December 2078, as the robots locked the survivors out from their rooms. After failing to override the renovations, nearly all the survivors realized that there was no point to stay and prepared to leave for the outside world before celebrating their last New Year's Gala.[6] Only a few survivors chose to stay at the resort until they were wiped out by feral ghouls that now inhabited the resort.[7]


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The Whitespring Resort appears only in Fallout 76.





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