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The Glock 86 plasma pistol, also known as the Plasma Defender, is an energy weapon in Fallout: New Vegas.




The Plasma Defender is a powerful energy-based pistol which fires superheated bolts of green plasma. It is able to punch through most critters and low-level armor with ease, when compared to the more commonly found and cheaper laser pistol.

In comparison to the standard laser pistol, the Plasma Defender deals more than 3 times the damage per shot and over twice as much damage-per-second (DPS). This is offset by the fact that it consumes energy cells at twice the rate, has reduced durability, and has a slightly increased spread. Additionally, it causes a large green burst of plasma upon firing which in addition to partially obscuring the view, travels at a slower rate, resulting in the need to lead the target.

In comparison to the plasma pistol, the plasma defender does an additional 5 damage per shot, has a reduced critical chance, and is less durable. However, the plasma defender is a more accurate weapon, uses fewer Action Points in V.A.T.S. and has a higher rate of fire in real-time, delivering almost twice as much DPS. Unlike the plasma pistol, the plasma defender is not considered a holdout weapon.


The Plasma Defender can fire a total of about 495 times using standard cells, the equivalent of 31 reloads, from full condition before breaking. Template:Durability table


  • Arcade's Plasma Defender is a unique non-playable Plasma Defender used by Arcade Gannon. It only differs from the standard pistol in its use of companion ammunition.
  • Gun Runners' Arsenal Plasma Defender (GRA), a variant that can accept modifications.


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Plasma Defender 38
Plasma Defender Gun Runners' Arsenal38
Plasma Defender With all weapon mods attached Gun Runners' Arsenal38


  • Lucky 38, in a floor safe of the cocktail lounge.
  • Silver Rush, located on a table and sold by Gloria Van Graff.
  • Dead Bright Brotherhood followers have a 1-in-3 chance of carrying Plasma Defender once the Courier has reached Level 8. They can be found at REPCONN test site along with other energy weapons.
  • Old World Blues (add-on) Y-17 trauma override harness may carry them on higher levels.
  • Lonesome Road (add-on) Hopeville silo bunker entrance, located in a desk with a Hard lock.
  • Lonesome Road (add-on) Spawns as a random weapon on marked men.


  • Plasma Defenders are not randomly sold by any merchants, including the Van Graffs and the Gun Runners. This is due to their absence from a number of leveled item lists, while being present on several other lists which are not used. The only exception is a single Plasma Defender which can be found on the display table in front of Gloria Van Graff.

Behind the scenes

The Plasma Defender is meant to closely resemble the "Glock 86" Plasma pistol from Fallout 1 and 2, especially when all of the modifications are added.


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