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Plasma pistol (ext. cap.)
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Plasma Defender
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Plasma Defender (GRA)
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Sentinel's Plasmacaster
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Plasma pistols are high-tech weapons firing superheated bolts of plasma, powered by small energy cells or energy cells.


Glock 86编辑

Fo1 Plasma Pistol
Glock86(别名电浆防卫者[1])是一把戰前由格斯通·格洛克AI设计的武器,它由小型能量包供能,并借此制造出一团极高温的電漿气团射向敌人。[2]<section begin="Glock86" /><section end="Glock86" />

英克雷电浆手枪 编辑

电浆手枪的前端由五个阳极放电极以及一个阴极组成,在武器充能发射的时候,能量会从阳极汇聚到阴极的探针处,生成一团炽热的电浆气团并且把它顺着探针的方向緩慢发射出去,因此阴极探针事实上也起着传统武器中枪管的作用。<section begin="Enclaveplasmapistol" /><section end="Enclaveplasmapistol" />

MPLX Novasurge编辑

游戏文章: Mothership Zeta

<section begin="MPLXNovasurge" /> Sometime before the Great War, a prototype plasma pistol was stolen from the federal government by an organization called Quaere Verum, who believed in a government cover-up called "The Conspiracy". Quaere Verum attempted to expose this cover-up by using the prototype pistol, which they believed was clearly inspired by alien technology. However, the group was swiftly eradicated by the government, and the pistol buried in the desert to keep it hidden. The pistol was later taken by aliens who brought up both the safe that contained the gun and the computer terminal required to remotely unlock the safe. <section end="MPLXNovasurge" />


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  2. In-game description for the plasma pistol in Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics. [1][2][3]
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