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Cyberdogs, also called cyberhounds, are mechanically enhanced canines found, albeit rarely, in the wasteland.


Cyberdogs are cybernetically augmented dogs which incorporate both organic and mechanical parts in their being. The abilities of individual cyberdogs vary from dog to dog, but as a rule, they are all physically superior to their organic counterparts and are far more long lived,[1] with advanced models being intelligent enough for conversation.

Cyberdogs are rare and 创造这种生物极为困难,需要很高的成本,犬的培育和训练也是一件麻烦事。因此只有在战前的美国政府大山脉以及英克雷有制造此类生物的基地。Big MT even took things one step further and created weapons (like the K9000) which used a dog’s brain as its central processor and could sniff out and lock onto targets.[2]

In addition to military-grade dogs, Big MT also produced lesser variants for the nation's more affluent police departments, allegedly to sniff out communists within society.[3] Denver in particular had a large supply of cyber police dogs, and they still roam the streets.[4]


Cybernetic canines models


Cyberdogs have the appearance of cybernetic canines (除了兩种以外) 都有黄色的巩膜。(only the "cyberhound Mk III police model" have a normal, white sclera). Cyberdogs of this type are also called "K-9 units." Despite being highly modified with electronic parts, they are not affected by pulse weapons.

Their modifications include:

  • Robotic enhancements to much of the body, including replacement limbs and artificial tail.
  • Replacement of the mandible with a robotic jaw and metal bottom teeth.
  • 大脑被取下,脑部被改造成一个含有大脑的储存槽, allowing them to check their organic and cybernetic system as well as 增强机械犬的感知能力。机械犬的大脑会退化resulting in the brain abruptly shutting down,此时需要给它更换大脑,keeps the same personality, its memories and mannerisms it had before becoming a cyberdog,新大脑携带的记忆会逐渐与旧记忆混合,possibly creating a mix of attributes.
  • Replacement of most vital organs with high-tech artificial implants, allowing cyberdogs to live indefinitely so long as the brain is replaced periodically (a healthy brain can live over 200 years).
  • Motivator circuit integrated into the cyberdog acting like a drive mechanism. If removed, the cyberdog's legs will be rendered immobile.
  • 即使机械狗死去了,它们仍可能被修复, as seen in one of Roxie's endings.[5]

Some standard cyberdog models are:

  • Cyberhound Mk II personal security model, with a light gray coat, a cybernetic right eye and built for personal security.
  • Cyberhound Mk III law enforcement officer support model, with a light brown coat and built for pursuit.
  • Cyberhound Mk III police model, with a dark brown coat and built for police work.
  • Cyberhound Mk III military model, with a dark coat, green-colored robotic parts, vocal enhancements allowing the cyberdog to produce powerful sonic waves when barking and built for military mission.

Unique models include K-9 and Gabe.[6] K-9由Schreber博士纳瓦罗的英克雷前哨基地创建,基于“Cyberhound Mk II个人安全模型”。[7] 他包括上述所有standard modifications:

  • 大脑的增强使智力比人类更高,能够使用人类的大部分表达,如笑话、讽刺,并具有更强的个性,能够与主人发生冲突和不服从。它也可以在一定程度上对其本身进行修复。
  • Vocal organs allowing speech in multiple languages.

加布由大山脉研发中心包若思博士根据“Cyberhound Mk III警察模型”创建。他包括上述所有标准修改(不包括语音能力):

  • 生物增强with a psycho的大量摄入,变得和人类一样大,更具攻击性和更强大。
  • 它的原子核心集成在他的身体里,在他死后10秒的倒计时触发,引发一次爆炸半径约为30英尺的微型原子弹爆炸。

Weapon models

A weapon model (and an outstanding exception to the standard cybernetic canine's appearance) is the K9000 cyberdog gun, created to act as a personal operated, handheld weapon system. Instead of the standard cyberdog units, which are canine in general anatomy, the K9000 cyberdog gun is more akin to a heavy weapon. It is a living dog's brain that has been provided with a machine gun frame utilizing the .357 Magnum ammunition. Its "canine" features include two metallic "ears" mounted on top of the weapon that moves like a real dog's and a sniffer mounted on the jar containing the brain, which allow the gun to sense its surroundings. It can be enhanced with a resla roil increasing its damage by 2 and a mentat chow to increase its rate of fire by 4.

Another exception is the upgraded version of the K9000 cyberdog gun, the unique FIDO. Unlike the K9000 cyberdog gun, FIDO uses .44 Magnum rounds instead of .357 Magnum rounds, resulting in higher damage, but it also has a slightly higher spread. It has a special red brain instead of the standard green one of the K9000 cyberdog gun and the decal is changed to a bulldog. It can't be enhanced with the same modifications as available for the K9000 cyberdog gun. Other features of the K9000 cyberdog gun are included in the FIDO.


Cyberhound Mk II personal security model

Macybraa se.gif
游戏文章: Fallout 2

Robodog is a cyberdog, more specifically "Cyber-Hound Mk II personal security model." Dr. Henry brought it from the Enclave Oil Rig and settled down in the NCR.[7][8]

Cyberhound Mk III law enforcement officer support model

游戏文章: Fallout: New Vegas

Rex is initially under the ownership of The King and needs a new brain due to neural degeneration. During the Nothin' But a Hound Dog quest, he can be turned into a companion and optionally cured of his condition.

Cyberhound Mk III military model

游戏文章: Old World Blues

The military cyberdog has a sonic bark used as a weapon, and has a chance to knock down the player character with its melee attack. They also appear to have the ability to self heal/repair themselves.

Cyberhound Mk III police model

游戏文章: Old World Blues

A slightly weaker variety of the military cyberdog. They can be distinguished from military cyberdogs by their unique black and white paint, as well as the red and blue reflective patches on their backs.

K9000 cyberdog gun

游戏文章: Old World Blues

A specialized cyberdog in that all of the original canine biological parts have been discarded, except for the brain, which is now housed in the body of a heavy weapon style firearm. It fires .357 Magnum ammunition. "Canine" features include two metallic "ears" mounted on top of the weapon that move like a real dog's and a sniffer mounted on the jar, allowing the gun to sense its surroundings and causing it to growl when pointed at an enemy, even when the enemy is out of the vicinity of the weapon. It can be enhanced with a resla roil increasing its damage by 2 and a mentat chow to increase its rate of fire by 4.


游戏文章: Old World Blues

FIDO is a unique and more advanced version of the K9000 cyberdog gun, using .44 Magnum rounds instead of .357 Magnum rounds and having slightly higher spread. The brain case and the scope are red instead of green for the K9000 cyberdog gun, and the decal is changed to a bulldog. Other features of the K9000 cyberdog gun are included in FIDO.

Notable cyberdogs


Cyberdogs appear in Fallout 2, Fallout: New Vegas and the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues.



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