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Power to the People is a quest in the Fallout 4 add-on Vault-Tec Workshop.

Quick walkthrough

Vault-Tec Workshop quest: Power to the People
Outfit Clem in a Vault Suit.
Talk to the Overseer.
Build the Power Cycle 1000.
Connect a terminal to the Power Cycle and select experiment parameters.
Assign Clem to the Power Cycle.
Let Clem ride for an hour.
Talk with Clem.
Repair the Power Cycle.
Report back to Overseer.
Reward: 350 XP
Power Cycle 1000 as a settlement object
Leads to: The Watering Hole

Detailed walkthrough

Clem must be outfitted in a Vault suit and Pip-Boy. There are several available in a crate and can be equipped on him by using the settler interaction menu.

After speaking to Valery Barstow again, she instructs you to build a Power Cycle 1000 prototype, which was developed to use a "waste of time and energy" such as exercise, for the greater productivity of the vault. Build the Power Cycle with the workshop and connect a terminal to it. A Generator is required to power both. After creating all items set the parameters on the terminal to one of three options: electro-shock administration, Buffout administration, or peaceful environmental simulation. Once the parameter is set, it locks in and you cannot change it. The options may earn Likes, Dislike or Hates from companions, if present.

After the hour is up, there will be a spectacular electrical discharge and Clem will be sent flying, and you will have to repair the equipment.

Barstow will then tell you the results, which mirror the notes made by the R&D team in each parameter description. Clem's demeanor is also affected; if you chose to administer drugs to him, he will express a desire to go back to cycling in later experiments.

After completing the quest, the Power Cycle 1000 can be mass produced. It's located on the Vault tab under Resources, while on workshop mode. The stats of the bike depend on the experiment option that was chosen.

  • The Additional Power Production parameter makes the bike produce 4 units of power, at the risk of killing its user (5% chance per day).
  • The Sustained Usage Incentive parameter produces 2 units of power, and can also kill its user (2% chance per day).
  • The Peaceful Environmental Simulation option also produces 2 units of power, but without any risk of death.

Quest stages

150 Outfit Clem in a Vault 88 SuitBefore we can do the experiments, Clem needs his own official Vault suit.
150 Talk to the OverseerWith Clem properly attired, I can talk with the Overseer about the Vault-Tec experiment now.
200 Build the Power Cycle 1000I'm running a test on a Power Cycle prototype. I need to build it, power it, and hook it up to a terminal. Then select the experimental parameters.
250 Connect a terminal to the Power Cycle and select experiment parameters
(Build the Vault 88 Overseer's Desk)
300 Assign Clem to the Power Cycle 1000
500 Let Clem ride for an hourWith the Power Cycle parameters set, now I just need to give Clem time on the cycle and then observe the results.
600 Talk with ClemClem should have had enough time on the Power Cycle to analyze the experiment
700 Repair the Power CycleClem somehow blew out the power in the whole Vault. I need to repair the Power Cycle.
950 Report back to OverseerI should report back to the Overseer about the Power Cycle experiment.
1100Quest finishedQuest Completed
9000Quest failedQuest Failed


  • The vault suit must be equipped manually in Clem's inventory, but the pip boy will be equipped automatically.
  • Additional Power Production and Sustained Usage Incentive can potentially kill settlers assigned to the settlement object.
  • Additional Power Production will traumatize Clem and make him scared of the exercise bike
  • Sustained Usage Incentive will cause Clem to become obsessed (addicted) to the exercise bike


  • Has platform::PCIcon pc.png Has platform::Playstation 4Icon ps4.png Has platform::Xbox OneIcon xboxone.png After giving Clem the Vault 88 jumpsuit, he doesn't put the suit on and the quest shows you need to get a suit for him again from the Vault 88 chest. Even after getting another suit and giving it to Clem, he fails to put it on. The quest never updates past this point, as in an endless loop. [已验证]
    • A possible fix to this is by manually equipping it to him via his inventory menu (the triangle button on PS4, Y on XBoxOne, and T on PC).
  • Has platform::PCIcon pc.png After Clem has used the Power Cycle for one hour and the discharge occurs, the reactor that is pre-placed near the entrance of the vault will be damaged and unable to be directly repaired. However, for your amusement, if you press the supply line button it will say "this person cannot be assigned to a supply line." [已验证]
    • Repairing any object connected to a power network seems to repair all objects of that network damaged due to the discharge, including the reactor. [已验证] Note that if you are running several reactors, this will only fix the main reactor power grid. The separate reactors will have to be repaired separately.
    • If you close the door to the reactor room before the discharge, the reactor will be undamaged. [已验证]
  • Has platform::PCIcon pc.png Instead of having the experimental version of the Power Cycle 1000 in the Special tab in the workshop, you can end up with only the settlement happiness items that are meant to be unlocked after the quest, making you unable to complete the segment where you need to hook up a terminal and adjust the experiment parameters.[已验证] Solution: find the terminal's baseid with Help 1000 0, then move it to the player with player.placeatme <baseid> to access the terminal and complete the quest.
    • This bug is usually caused by obtaining the Vault-Tec prototypes note that unlocks the settlement happiness items. This note is carried by Valery Barstow and can be looted from her corpse. Alternatively, it can be obtained by using the scrapall command on the workshop in which it will be added. Retrieving this note from the workshop will immediately break the quest as if you obtained it by killing Barstow. To fix this, the following console commands may be used:
      Set DLC06RecipeUnlockSlotMachineExperimental to 0
      Set DLC06RecipeUnlockSlotMachine to 0
      Set DLC06RecipeUnlockSodaStationExperimental to 0
      Set DLC06RecipeUnlockSodaStation to 0
      Set DLC06RecipeUnlockPhoropterExperimental to 0
      Set DLC06RecipeUnlockPhoropter to 0
      Set DLC06RecipeUnlockPowerbikeExperimental to 0
      Set DLC06RecipeUnlockPowerbike to 1
      This should enable the Prototype Powerbike in the Special listing while removing the final products from the Resources > Vault-Tec menu.

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