Watoga Shopping Plaza is a location in Appalachia in 2102.


Occupying the entire northeastern part of Watoga, the shopping plaza was devoted to providing the rich, affluent denizens of the automated city with top quality merchandise - in theory. In practice, it turned out that money cannot buy good taste or judgement and the items on sale tended to be the most worthless, cheap quality items on the market, sold at inflated prices to clueless denizens of the city.[1]


The plaza occupies the entire northeastern quadrant, bounded by the AMS headquarters plaza to the west and the monorail station and high school to the south. There are numerous shops scattered across the district, though only a few are notable. The most important is the Super Duper Mart in the center, at the ground floor of the high rise, which contains vendor bot Phoenix, the sole Brotherhood vendor in the game.

The northwestern section contains the Watoga Real Estate office, complete with enticing offers for buying property in the city, Miller's Appliances to the northwest, and Stuart's Department just across the throughway. Adjacent to the Department store is a Hubris Comics n'Toys store, with a bobblehead spawn point, and Slocum's Joe joint just against the wall.

The northeastern section is occupied by a large park overlooking the cleared stretches of the Watoga National Park, with garden terraces and a bandstand full of instruments for four players to gain the Well Tuned perk. The southern edge of the district contains the sealed Fresh Soil Restaurant and Cranberry Heights, and a solitary Drumlin Diner with a cooking station, locked safe, and a power armor spawn just outside.


  • 男裝 - 在Stuart's Department Store,北面牆前櫃子上。
  • 女裝 - 同上,東面牆前櫃子上。
  • 鋼鐵兄弟會報告:瓦托加廣場 - 在虎不理漫畫店(Hubris Comics)櫃檯上,旁邊有個旅行袋。
  • Potential Vault-Tec bobblehead - Inside Hubris Comics, to the left of the cash register.
  • Three potential magazines:
    • Inside Slocum's Joe, on the table with a yellow plate. Sometimes spawns below the table.
    • Inside Slocum's Joe, on a yellow magazine shelf behind the front counter, on the top right row.
    • In the crashed elevator of the transit hub, can be underneath the rubble near a skeleton.
  • Random recipe - Inside Slocum's Joe, to the right of the coffee makers behind the counter.
  • Random weapon spawn - Inside the crashed ground floor elevator.


Watoga Shopping Plaza appears only in Fallout 76.



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