The Watoga Civic Center is a building in the city of Watoga in Appalachia in 2102.


This massive public building dominates northwestern Watoga and served as a venue for matches, concerts, public debates and more. In a rush to replace all human workers, RobCo and AMS replaced sportsmen too, leaving the sports venues dominated by robotic teams nobody could tell apart. The result was easily foreseen, as the ticket sales were only 50% of the projected amount, leaving the ambitious project in danger of bankruptcy.

The management turned to more creative uses of space, such as an Antiques Show. It was a surprise to both the management and the rich citizens of Watoga. To the former because the supposedly upper-class denizens brought in "antiques" that were last year's merchandise, with the oldest piece being a TV from 2076. The only beneficiary was the owner of Appalachian Antiques, who sold everything she had. It was all artificially aged fakes, in truth, but since wealth cannot buy taste or competence, the Watogans were none the wiser.[1]


The civic center is dominated by the central stadium, with three seating sectors surrounding it and a concourse running around the entire building. The concourse connects to several cafeterias and other stadium facilities, with the restrooms in the eastern part of the building. The staircases in the eastern section connect to VIP boxes overlooking the stadium and offices for the civic center. The basement locker rooms are accessible from the stadium floor.

居民 编辑

  • 殺陣頭
  • 格蘭
  • 註冊警衛
  • 核子唐
  • 死亡克勞斯
  • 最大麥迪
  • 哈爾·格列森



The Watoga Civic Center appears only in Fallout 76.



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