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Watoga is a town in the Cranberry Bog region of Appalachia in 2102, best recognized by its monorail system and its distinctive tower.


Built as a joint effort between the Federal government, RobCo, and Atomic Mining Services to build a "city of the future." All public services in the city were designed to be completely automated, including a full staff of security robots.[1] Watoga had an unusual way of governance, appointing random citizens to the office of mayor for an undefined period of time. The mayor is assisted by MAIA, an artificial intelligence.[2] The city's last acting mayor was Barbara Elizabeth.

The city was seen by the Appalachian locals as a place for the rich and powerful, and its robotic workforce threatened to render local jobs obsolete. The most prominent detractor of Watoga was Scott Turner, the leader of the Free Watoga People's Party. Turner plotted to overthrow the city's government by hacking into the Emergency Services protocols and turning the robots against the city's inhabitants before allowing non-Watogan citizens to move into the city.[3] However, the Great War occurred the day after Turner's "revolution." As a result, the robots went berserk and everyone in Watoga was either killed or turned away from the city.[4][5]

The post-War history of the city can also be seen, with various Brotherhood vertibird wreckages and skeletons, assumedly left over from their attempts to salvage technology and supplies from the city.[6] Following the failure of Operation Touchdown and fall of Fort Defiance, the scorchbeasts local to the Cranberry Bog have since nested within the city itself, as can be seen by the bizarre earthen mounds located at the top of many of Watoga's buildings.


Watoga is a fairly large settlement area with tall buildings, including the Automated Mining Services corporate headquarters in the center. Some enemies that inhabit Watoga are protectron Watoga government workers, Mr. Handies, assaultrons, eyebots and the Scorched. To pacify the robots, complete the side quest, Mayor for a Day which is started on the top floor of the Watoga Municipal Center.



Watoga appears only in Fallout 76.





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