REPCONN Aerospace (Rocket Engineering and Production COmpaNy of Nevada)[1] was a company based in Nevada that specialized in rocket manufacture, primarily for the U.S. government. Their headquarters and test site can still be found in the Mojave Wasteland.



瑞普康公司的巨大潛力引起了兩大巨頭的關注,海神能源公司和羅伯科工業都試圖將其據為已有。當時瑞普康公司的董事會由副總裁里奧納多-思迪波和CFO茱莉亞-瑪斯特斯控制,經過董事會一番運作,海神能源公司敗北。 Steeple tried to rally the board again and sought help from Masters. While Julia officially agreed to support him, she was working with General Manager Piers Isley to undermine Steeple's position in the company and get the board of directors to give the Vice President a vote of no confidence, after he refused to even consider selling his part of the company, in order to maintain their independence and integrity.

2075年,瑞普康董事會投票把思迪波趕下台,同年,公司被羅伯科工業收購, following a disastrous accident during the test of REPCONN's newest type of rocket.。他的繼任者是卡爾-盧克,盧克上台後立刻強化了公司的保安水平,並且和美軍的莫雷蒂上校合作搞了一個武器研究計劃。 Later, Steve Reynolds, the cause of the accident (he pushed the R&D team too hard and cut corners) forced Senior Engineer Martin Neimeyer, who was aware of Reynold's role in the incident, to resign.



  • 瑞普康(REPCONN)參考自現實的公司配普康(PEPCON),在拉斯維加斯附近的內華達州亨德森市運營太空燃料生產設施直到1990年代。 PEPCON的設施摧毀於一起火災及爆炸事故,源自火箭助推器氧化劑不當儲存。瑞普康為羅伯科所做的實驗演示以災難告終看似參考了這個事件。
  • The REPCONN logo also resembles the font style and logo of Boeing, a major defense/aerospace manufacturer.



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