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  • Curse Breaker - A unique baseball bat that was cut from the base game. If it is equipped on the PC version, it makes your character disappear. This does not help with sneaking.
  • Excalibat - Another cut baseball bat in the base game. The name "Excalibat" is a nod to the FPS Rise of the Triad: Dark War weapon of the same name.
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  • Vault 101 in the beginning of Escape!. It is on a table with the BB Gun and 50 BB pellets.
  • If the Wasteland explorer theme is purchased for the player's home in Megaton, a baseball bat will be included in the setup.
  • In Minefield, near the mattress where Arkansas snipes at you.
  • In Canterbury Commons, behind the counter next to the bed in Dot's Diner, there is one that when taken is not considered stealing.
  • Inside the Anchorage Memorial inside the clinic on a shelf. It is lying next to a dead mercenary.
  • There are quite a few located at the Fordham Flash Memorial Field.
  • Raiders sometimes tend to carry one.
  • In the north shack of Evergreen Mills.
  • Rivet City flight deck, at home plate on the baseball field along with a baseball and a baseball glove.
  • In the 2nd part of Taft tunnel with a baseball and a baseball glove also.


  • The Takoma Park little leaguer cap adds +5 damage the baseball bat.
  • The bat is branded on one side with a machine-caligraphed "B" in an ovoid shape. Beneath the logo are the words "Since 1879," suggesting the bat's manufacturer has been producing sporting goods since the 19th century.


The Baseball bat appears in Fallout 3.