The glassed cavern is a location in the Cranberry Bog region of Appalachia in 2102.


Ostensibly a minor quarry operated on the edge of the former Watoga National Park by Atomic Mining Services, the glassed cavern was actually an experimental site where AMS used atomic devices to try and create artificial ultracite.[1] This also happens to be the first lair of the scorchbeasts, where Enclave forces acting on orders from Thomas Eckhart secreted away the monstrosities, which were further twisted by their exposure to ultracite.[2]

After the collapse of the Enclave due to infighting in 2086, following the decision to release the monsters, the Appalachian Brotherhood of Steel tracked the monsters here during Operation Touchdown in 2095. Paladin Lizzy Taggerdy gave her life trying to contain the threat and succeeded in preventing them from attacking the surface for several weeks. Her body still remains deep inside the lair, alongside equipment from Enclave's and AMS' experiments.[3]


The glassed cavern is a former mining complex consisting of long underground passages. The tunnels are a lengthy slog through hordes of Scorched. The entrance tunnel terminates in a cave-in that requires player characters to navigate through a side tunnel and two caverns containing AMS' maintenance equipment and the laboratory. This segues into the auto-miner maintenance point and a loading dock. The next stage leads to a curving cavern with a waterlogged shelter area and another small junction with a power armor frame. Along with the multiple Scorched that inhabit the mine, a scorchbeast is found near the exit elevator. Corpses of fog crawlers, cave crickets and mirelurk kings litter the complex. There are also multiple scorchbeast bodies around the caverns along with the bodies of Brotherhood of Steel soldiers that killed them. The complex ends with a big cavern, where the body of Paladin Taggerdy, half-buried against the eastern wall, can be found and her final moments can be heard on a transmitter. There is a mine elevator in the back of the cavern that leads topside.


  • 艾諾拉·沃克的故事(六) - 最深處通往地面的電梯處,背包裡。
  • 意外 - 主要坑道第一個岔路盡頭的更衣室,凳子上。
  • 我被困在這裡 - 在通往最後區域之前的採礦區,裡頭其中一個房間桌上。
  • 過好日子 - 在接近洞穴最後區域(輻屍獸巢穴)帶有機器人充電室的坑道,木箱上。
  • 壞消息 - 從中央的設施區沿著小徑過去就會抵達有走道互通的鐵皮辦公室區,其中一個辦公室檯子上。
  • 伊莉莎白·塔格蒂中尉的ID - 最後區域裡伊莉莎白·坦格蒂的屍體上。
  • Fusion core - In the locked storage closet in the chamber with the two concrete buildings.
  • Ultracite - Countless veins of Ultracite Ore can be found through the entire cavern, especially in the last cavern.


The glassed cavern appears only in Fallout 76.