Long Wang (王龙) was a Shi scientist, working on a warrior program concerning FEV.


There was some success with the project, and Dr. Wang grew very impatient. Eventually, he ordered up a batch of the latest mutagenic compound and injected it into his neck, intent on becoming a deadly monstrosity.

He melted into a puddle of bodily fluids, and the FEV program was quickly canceled by Dr. Sheng.[1][2]


Long Wang is mentioned only in Fallout 2.


  1. Biology station: "{121}{}{Genetic program.}"
    "{125}{}{(after about twenty minutes you piece together this information: Using the basics of FEV virus, Dr. Long Wang is convinced of success in creating mutant soldiers. He creates a serum providing interesting results with rodent experiments. He injects himself and dissolves into a puddle of goo. Dr. Sheng disables line of inquiry. With the death of Dr. Long, Dr. Sheng is in charge. Sheng demands focus on radiation-consuming plant life.)}"
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