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关于the Fallout 76 quest of the same name,参见Hunter/Hunted (Fallout 76)
Icon Hunter Hunted
Hunter Hunted trophy
奖励350+ XP
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Hunting the HunterGametitle-FO4 FH
Hunter Hunted trophy
requirementsComplete Hunter/Hunted
gamerscore20 Gamerscore
trophy typeBronze Bronze
Every Courser has special hardware that gives them a direct connection to the Relay in the Institute. It's embedded in a chip in their heads. You need that chip. But to get it, you'll have to find a courser.

Brian Virgil

Hunter/Hunted is a main story quest and achievement/trophy in Fallout 4.


  1. 前往C.I.T.废墟
  2. 收听追猎者信号并追踪到葛林科技基因研究院
  3. 一路杀到顶楼。
  4. 解决追猎者Z2-47
  5. 拿走晶片



研究院内充满了枪手,他们正在与Z2-47,即追猎者交火。进入大楼后,枪手指挥官开始通过对讲机发出命令。他命令大部分的士兵撤退,其余的则与唯一幸存者交战。玩家必须在整个建筑物中奋战。 追猎者会一直跑在前头,透过一个个枪手尸体追随他的踪迹。





Quest stages编辑

10 Travel to C.I.T.Virgil has instructed me to travel to the old C.I.T. ruins and see if I can pick up a signal from a Courser using my Pip-Boy.
15 Tune to Courser's Radio FrequencyI need to tune to the Courser's Radio Frequency I picked up near the old C.I.T. ruins. With some luck the signal should lead me to a Courser.
20 Use the Courser's Radio Frequency to Track CourserI have locked on to the Courser's Radio Frequency using my Pip-Boy. Now I need to follow the signal and find the Courser.
30 Kill Z2-47, the Courser.The signal led me to Greenetech Genetics in Cambridge. I now need to find the Courser, kill him, and recover the chip... no trivial matter according to Virgil. I should proceed with caution.
40 Recover Courser chipI managed to kill the Courser in Greenetech Genetics. Now I need to recover the chip.
100Icon checkQuest completeI have killed the Courser in Greenetech Genetics and recovered the chip.


  • 在战斗之前解开K1-98所在房间的终端可以激活追猎者和其特殊的互动场景。只要不触发追猎者对话 - 进入房间后马上跑去解锁,因为一旦开始对话,如果走得太远,他就会敌对。 
  • 如果有穿透器特技,可以从楼下瞄准追猎者。
  • When left to idle in the topmost room, companions will sometimes curl up against the wall next to the remaining Gunners, copying their animations.


  • When the player arrives in the elevator room at the seventh floor of Greenetech Genetics, the elevator might not be there. Instead, the player can look trough the building and see Boston. [已核实]
    • This can be fixed by moving to the right of the elevator door (which isn't there), then the option to close the elevator will appear. When the player presses this, the elevator will close and appear to the player.
  • In some cases, Z2-47 may immediately attack the player character rather than initiate dialogue. The elevators glitch and the game freezes up. [已核实]
    • Wearing power armor with a targeting HUD or while under the effects of Berry Mentats may cause immediate confrontation on sight, as it does in many other cases.
  • Icon pc Unlocking the terminal that opens the door to the Commonwealth and walking through the door will "kill" Z2-47, and render his body missing and unlootable.[已核实]
  • Icon pc When moving about the building, the conflict triggered by the Survivor's position can frequently cause an instant crash-to-desktop. [已核实]
    • To remedy, use the tai command when approaching these locations, and reactivate the AI after reaching the Courser.
    • Alternatively, use the moveto command to warp to the Courser's location, and finish the quest normally, using the roof access or an area warp to exit.
  • Icon pc If the Courser chip is looted too quickly after Z2-47 dies, the "Kill Courser" stage may not complete, preventing "Recover the Courser Chip" from being marked as complete. Though the quest still completes, this will lock the player out from Dejen's quest, Hunting the Hunter, since the required stage was not completed. To avoid this, wait for "Kill Courser" to be marked as complete before looting the chip. [已核实]
  • On rare occasions, Z2-47 will be found engaging Gunners en route to the top on the same floor as the player, which may result in him being killed prematurely either by the Gunners or attacks from the player character's actions. Although the quest itself is not affected, it may cause difficulty in recovering the Courser chip. [已核实]

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