Hunter's Ridge is a location in the Forest region of Appalachia in 2102.


An interesting network of tree-mounted vantage points used by hunters to survey the wasteland for their prey. It appears the denizens have turned raider after listening to Rose's ramblings on the radio, though even earlier they were taking an increasingly hostile stance against non-members, especially those found poaching their traps. The spike pit at the bottom of the cliff was set up as an execution spot and deterrent against any would-be interlopers...[1]

After the more extreme elements left for the Top of the World, the hunters thought they caught a break. However, Ethan and Carson, the two who left, soon came back at the head of a contingent of raiders and cleaned the Ridge out. The remaining hunters identified Carson, then decided to booby trap the area and leave for greener pastures.[2]


The encampment is made up of four treehouses connected by rope bridges, accessible by ramps leading up to the treehouse, a ground level base camp and a scenic overlook, one portion of which has been modified for victims to "walk-the-plank" into a pit of spikes at the bottom of the cliff: A quick drop and sudden stop at the bottom.

Note that this is a good place to stock up on meat, as there are several radstags strung up on the trees that can be harvested. Ideal for carry weight farming.

An armor workbench sits under a roofed overhang north of the tents.


Random Vault-Tec bobblehead
  • On the roof of one of the treehouses, sitting right in front of a petrified corpse.
Random magazine
  • Under a couch in the westernmost treehouse.
Recipe: Radstag stew
  • Sitting on a table with a radstag's head near the cooking station.


Hunter's Ridge appears only in Fallout 76.


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