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The Cat's Paw is a Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics item. It can be found in one location in Fallout and is part of two side-quests in Fallout 2.

In Fallout, the item is quite mysterious, and the only descriptions are "You have no idea" and "Upon further inspection, you still have no idea what this is." In Fallout 2, Cat's Paw is understood to be a pornographic magazine.

In Fallout 2, if you collect 10 magazines and bring them to Miss Kitty, you can receive a special Cat's Paw Issue No.5 "that contains a very interesting article on energy weapons" in New Reno. Typhon in Broken Hills will also ask you to find an issue for him.



Fallout 2

Among other places, issues of Cat's Paw can be found in:

  1. Klamath Downtown -
    • found in a toilet to the northwest,
    • purchased from the Dunton brothers,
    • found on the bookshelf behind the locked door in the Dunton brothers business
    • stolen from one of the bath house women,
  2. The Den Businesses - purchased from Flick,
  3. Vault City -
    • Courtyard - found in a bookcase in the Cassidy's bar,
    • Vault 8 Level 1 - given by Phyllis during sperm donation,
    • Vault 8 Level 2 - found in Dr. Troy's footlocker,
  4. Gecko -
    • The Harp - stolen from one of the ghouls
    • Reactor - two can be stolen from the ghouls
  5. Vault 15 Level 2 - found in a desk in the northwest living quarters,
  6. Raiders Barracks -
    • found in a floor safe,
    • found in one of the footlockers near a bunk bed,
  7. Broken Hills Downtown - found in a bucket outside the hotel,
  8. New Reno -
    • Stables Lab - found on Myron's bookshelf,
    • Shark Club 3rd Floor - stolen from John Bishop's safe,
    • Wright's Still cool box in the south east corner of the room,
  9. Sierra Army Depot - on a second floor desk near a computer terminal,
  10. Navarro Maintenance - found in a locker.

Fallout Tactics

  1. In the Warrior's inventory at the beginning of the game.
  2. Junction City - on a bookshelf behind the mayor, John Levis.
  3. Great Bend - Sold by the prostitute Gloria Timmons.
  4. Great Bend - On Ripley's corpse.

Behind the scenes

Cat's Paw is actually a real-life brand of rubber heels manufactured in Canada. The image for the item in Fallout appears on the box for a pair of those heels.