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關於全系列游戏中的猎枪总览,參見hunting rifle



這種武器通常是Lone Wanderer離開101號避難所後所獲得的第一支步槍類的槍械武器。(儘管在更早的時候就可以獲得BB槍,但獵槍是真正可以用於戰鬥的。)該款武器準度非常高,在不帶瞄準鏡的槍械中它的瞄準效果最好。標準的獵槍是有擴散性的,這一點與狙擊槍(以及獵槍的特殊變種Ol' Painless)不同。這使得該武器在長程並且不使用V.A.T.S.的情況下可能並不方便使用。一個有技巧的玩家可以使用該武器在大多數情況下造成非常好的效果,即便是在建築物中的近距離戰鬥也是如此。通常而言最好在兩次射擊之間尋求掩蔽。





  • Ol' Painless - 儘管在攻擊力方面僅比普通的獵槍略強一點,但Ol' Painless的裝彈時間顯著縮短了(包括換彈夾和拉栓擊發兩個環節),而且沒有擴散性。另外它的耐用性比普通獵槍要差。
  • Lincoln's repeater - 嚴格來說,這是一支槓桿型來複槍,使用.44麥格納圓頭彈,但Lincoln's repeater只能使用獵槍來進行修理。它射擊準確,威力強大。


Weapon Type Dmg/Shot DPS ATT/sec Proj # Spread Crit % Mult Crit Dmg Shots in VATS Mag WG AP Cost DMG/AP Durability Value
Hunting rifle Bolt-action rifle 25 18.75 0.75 1 0.3 x1 25 1 5 6 25 1 666 shots 150
Lincoln's repeater .44 lever-action rifle 50 37.5 0.75 1 0 x2 50 1 15 5 25 2 400 shots 500
Ol' Painless Bolt-action rifle 30 33.75 1.125 1 0 x1 30 1 5 6 23 1.3 555 shots 250


  • Sheriff Lucas Simms' House has a damaged rifle sitting on a shelf in a room upstairs. The door requires 50 lockpick, you can pickpocket the house key from Lucas Simms, or you can use an empty, upturned metal barrel (carried to and placed near the Water Processing Plant railing) to jump onto Lucas Simms' roof and enter his house via the roof hatch (which is never locked) to his lookout point, or you can just enter the house during the day if you saved Megaton.
  • Just west of Vault 101 is an old barn with a random encounter spawn point located inside. Going up the stairs in the barn will reveal a hunting rifle and .32 ammo next to a skeleton and a Ham Radio.
  • There is a damaged rifle behind Springvale School among a pile of nuclear waste barrels (in a fenced-in area with a locked gate).
  • The vast majority of regular Super Mutants use this weapon exclusively.
  • The Hunting Rifle can also be found on low level raiders.
  • Most (if not all) random encounter Hunters carry this weapon.
  • This weapon can also be found frequently in downtown Washington, DC.
  • This is a common rifle used by most enemies for a majority of the game. Raiders will use it (However, near the end of your level cap, they may spawn with more snipers) and Super Mutants favor it when using a rifle.
  • If you have a high repair skill, this is an easy weapon to keep in condition as many enemies use it. Despite being uncommon early on, it becomes fairly common later on.

Bugs 编辑

  • A gun model glitch may sometimes occur when killing an enemy as they are reloading, causing the bolt of the gun to float above the rifle.
  • Sometimes the gun might glitch, when in 3rd Person mode, the gun will appear on the ground, where you last stepped. You will be holding nothing until you reboot your console.


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