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If you're going to get yourself killed out here, you mind doing it further away from our bunker? I don't want your corpse stinking up our little patch of heaven.Defender Morgan




要塞由卫士摩根、卫士洛克佛和自动炮台防御。当孤独的流浪者与卫士摩根谈到一件工作时,防御者贾斯丁将打开围栏的大门,并鼓励流浪者带来搜索到的科技,以换取物资。 (任务:遗弃者的收集代理)



In the eastern section (the offices) on the main floor there is a computer named "Field Reports" with 2 audio logs that can be downloaded (Fort Independence field reports #1 and #2). The first audio log speaks about "the increased raider activity in Fairfax ruins" and the second about "3 entrances into underground utility tunnels and a small weapons cache situated in the southeast section of the tunnels." The voice in the first recording seems to be unique, the other one is that of Defender Sibley.


在你等级较低的情况下,进入独立要塞几乎找不到什么有价值的物品。在出口旁的房间走下楼梯能到达地下室的入口。第一间房间里的桌面上有墙上终端的密码,能打开电子门;继续直走直到你找到一间摆满研究设备的房间。激活它们能得到很多武器的说明,即导弹发射器 、机枪、英克雷动力装甲、等离子枪、脉冲手榴弹和激光步枪 。这个房间有一个困难的锁(在一间有双层床的房间里头,附近一个上了简单锁军用手提箱里有钥匙)。穿过门有失误火箭筒、一支机枪、激光枪、等离子步枪、6箱弹药其中包括外星能量电池,3个医疗箱和有3块裂变电池的板条箱,还有2个迷你核弹在失误火箭筒旁。在武器储藏室的大厅内有治疗针和充足的血袋。

  • 失误火箭筒不像导弹发射器一般直线射击,射出的弧线跟胖子发射器相近。威力比标准的导弹发射器要高。
  • 很奇怪的是,独立要塞有相当好的血袋供应,3到4袋在实验室,更多存放在武器储藏室内,比得上希望女神医院
  • 在主层的中央室里有一瓶量子可乐和一个隐身小子,在双层床旁。主层的东面(办公室)办公桌旁还能找到两个保险箱。
  • Alien power cells can be obtained from ammo boxes in the locked storage room, next to the room with the research terminals.
  • Fort Independence field reports - On a terminal in the Offices section.


  • 如果任何有名字的兄弟会遗弃者被杀害,那么其余遗弃者都会变成敌对。如果英克雷奇行动尚未完成,那么本地的遗弃者会保持友好,其余的则不会。
  • 有一些高等级的高级生物会在这附近刷出,特别是在你安装断钢以后。(例如你重新返回独立要塞会发现所有在外面的人都死了,旁边多了仍然生存的白化蝎子。)这将使你收集代理的支线任务结束,但你能拿回所有你已经交换了的。
  • 有可能侵入要塞外面的电脑终端(走下桥底的楼梯)并重置立交桥下的炮塔目标资料,这就能继而杀死卫士摩根和防御者贾斯丁,拿回所有你上缴的科技,以及进入要塞不会减低道德值也不会遭到敌对。(还可能会因为某些情况下敌对)
  • 如果你上缴一款防御力较高的任何款式的动力装甲,贾斯丁会换上更好的。
  • There is an Outcast Patrol spawn point on the western side of the bridge with the turret under it. Upon spawning, the patrol will proceed westward along the road.
  • 在高速公路上有一个英克雷前哨,英克雷巡逻队可以击杀遗弃者,让你取得钥匙进入要塞而不会减少道德值。
  • 遗弃者是邪恶的,如果玩家拥有正义使者特技杀掉他们会取得手指。有名字的如防御者贾斯丁,相比之下,是好人,如果玩家拥有契约杀手特技杀掉他们会取得耳朵。
  • As related by Defender Morgan and Protector Casdin, the Outcasts are seeking to acquire technology to take back west to help the original Brotherhood of Steel in its conflicts there. While the Lone Wanderer can help with this by trading technology, they never abandon the Capital Wasteland and begin moving west (so this location will always remain populated by the Brotherhood Outcasts). In Fallout 4, it is found they actually head further north with Arthur Maxson, who brought the Outcasts back into the fold some time after the events of Fallout 3 and, subsequently, the Broken Steel add-on.


  • After bringing Casdin tech to obtain the minimum amount of points for him and the Outcasts to trust you, the doors to Fort Independence will still be locked and red (indicating trespassing). Breaking in will result in only Casdin becoming hostile if you go back outside
    • A solution is to pickpocket the key from Casdin and use it to gain entry while gaining a small amount of bad Karma.
  • After hacking the turret controls under the bridge to remove its targeting system and then disable it, sometimes the turret under the bridge will at first look stretched into the ground and allow you to walk through it, and then if reactivated will appear high above the bridge and be hard to see, even if aiming through a sniper scope. (Confirmed on the PS3, 360)
  • When initially discovering the fort, the Brotherhood Outcasts outside may shoot at the player if the player attempts to attack the approaching raiders with melee/unarmed weapons. (Confirmed on PS3)
  • Defenders Morgan and Rockfowl will respawn, after you've killed them right next to their corpses. This glitch applies to several of the unnamed Outcasts, this glitch is good for repairing Outcast Power Power Armor. ( Confirmed on several Xbox 360's)
  • Sometimes upon discovery of the fort, the Brotherhood Outcasts may be hostile for no apparent reason.(Confirmed on the PS3)