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The Tesla cannon is a shoulder-mounted directed energy weapon using technology pioneered by Nikola Tesla.


特斯拉加农炮是一种战前开发的便携式指向性能量武器,它被预计用于反装甲目的,并被设计成可以单兵携带的样式。这种武器以尼古拉·特斯拉,即在死后被美国政府掌控了所有研究成果的科学家名字命名。在开火时,特斯拉加农炮会朝目标发射一道毁灭性的电脉冲,这道脉冲是如此的强大以至于在目标周围的敌人或是物品也会被波及,在最初的灼烧与电脉冲过后,残余的电荷还将持续地对目标造成伤害。<section begin="background" /><section end="background" />



Tesla cannon

特斯拉加农炮是一把肩扛式能量武器,能够发射一道电流, powered by electron charge packs.

特斯拉冲击原型机 编辑

游戏文章: Fallout: New Vegas

伊利亚的jury-rigged特斯拉加农炮 编辑

游戏文章: Fallout: New Vegas


Behind the scenes编辑

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  • The Tesla cannon was originally to be featured in the canceled Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2, bearing no resemblance to the weapon in Broken Steel. Described as a "high-powered mass-cannon throwing tessellated plasma forward in an orgy of death and destruction" in the Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2 design document, it was to be the so-called "uber-weapon" of player character Maxus. "Uber-weapons" were to be unique weapons for each player character which had to be assembled from 5 parts over the course of the game, or the player could have a NPC assemble one for them. One of the five parts for this weapon was a Tesla coil.
  • Nikola Tesla really did try to create a directed energy weapon but it would have been a particle beam weapon called a "Teleforce," something that would be immensely complicated to create.

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