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關於the quest,參見Tenpenny Tower (quest)

Tenpenny Tower is located southwest from Megaton. This old luxury hotel is now the refuge of Allistair Tenpenny who allows people in for the right price - Ghouls need not apply.

A suite becomes available to The Lone Wanderer if he/she assists Mr. Burke in detonating the atomic bomb at the center of Megaton. Mr. Burke is situated in the penthouse suite which is accessible via the elevator behind the help desk in the main lobby.

When you first arrive you'll likely see a ghoul, Roy Phillips, outside asking over the intercom to get in. He will eventually give up and leave, allowing you to talk to the security guard. After being rudely greeted, due to the guard thinking you are Roy, you may gain entrance to Tenpenny Tower either by successfully completing the speech challenge, paying caps, or rigging the bomb to explode in Megaton. Once in you may be given the Tenpenny Tower Quest by Gustavo.


After the Great War, the building that was to become Tenpenny Tower was still intact. Upon the discovery of the abandoned building, Allistair Tenpenny set to work restoring it to its pre-war glory.



The structure itself is surrounded by tall concrete walls, which creates a compound of sorts. Around the rear of the building is the entrance to the generator room, which is used in the quest Tenpenny Tower. There is also a covered area to the right of the main gate, which serves as the guard's quarters. The building did not completely escape damage from the bombs, and was repaired with scrap metal on the facing that took the damage.


Upon first entrance to the tower itself, you find yourself in the Lobby area. There are several stores branching off from the main area. There are some apartments on the upper level, the entrance to the apartments up some stairs at the back, and an elevator to the penthouse suites. The Apartments are located on the third floor of the building, and is arranged around the elevator shaft. The Penthouse suites level contains the accomodation of Allistair Tenpenny, Irving Cheng, Mr Burke and Susan Lancaster. There is a suite that can be acquired by the player here, by completing The Power of the Atom. It is notable that while it is possible to steal from the safes and cashboxes of the storeowners, doing so causes the store owners to complain of security and leave, meaning you cannot shop from them.


Notable Loot

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  • The toilets and sinks that are on the top floor have no radiation.
  • If you return to Tenpenny Tower some time after completing the quest "Tenpenny Tower" in favor of the ghouls, you will notice that all the occupants are now ghouls. When you question Roy and his people about this, you will find out that they killed all of the human tenants because of a "misunderstanding". Roy additionally claims that they all had it coming and that no one is innocent in the wasteland. Michael Masters also tells the player to ignore the smell coming from the basement. In the basement the player will find a feral ghoul amongst the dead bodies of the former residents, robbed of their clothing and possessions.
  • Following Roy into Tenpenny Tower after equipping the ghoul mask will allow the player to see the wrecked version of the tower as well as feral ghouls attacking the humans. While this is happening you can take items such as food, alcohol, clothing etc from the stores with no karma hit. Only the safes and cash registers will be red. The skill books mentioned above respawn, meaning you can take them again.
  • After completing Broken Steel, raiders outside Tenpenny Tower will try to ambush BoS soldiers transporting water(one has a Gatling laser). They will respawn every 3 days giving a good supply of BoS equipment if you decide not to help them.
  • There is an area along the west side of the wall of Tenpenny Tower that you can jump over the wall, making so you never have to bribe yourself inside. You can talk to Gustavo as though he had let you inside, you can then take the Tenpenny Tower quest.


Tenpenny Tower appears only in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes

  • According to a recent interview in 1UP magazine Emil Pagliarulo confirmed that Tenpenny Tower was slightly inspired by Fiddler's Green, the skyscraper in George Romero's Land of the Dead.


  • Sometimes, you can access the suite from the balcony, even if you defused the bomb. Everything will be normal, as if you did blow up Megaton. However, the door to the lobby will remain locked. (Cause unknown)
  • The bodies of all the residents may not be found in the basement or anywhere after they are dead, even though entering the basement to look is enough to give The Wanderer the necessary dialogue options with the ghoulish tenants regarding the bodies in the basement. (Confirmed on XBox 360, PC, and PS3 versions of the game)
  • It's possible to get the front gate of Tenpenny Tower to remain open indefinitely by fast-traveling away while it's in the process of opening. This helps save a few seconds on subsequent visits to the location. (confirmed Xbox 360)
Tenpenny Tower