Hey, this is the Jamaica Plain. Stay sharp. Lot of raiders end up here, looking for that lost treasure.Nick Valentine

Jamaica Plain is a location and settlement in the Commonwealth in 2287.


Jamaica Plain is located directly southwest of University Point and northwest of Quincy, mostly surrounded by walls with a variety of partially intact buildings within. The town has a contingent of feral ghouls within the boundaries. Once the main story has been completed the Children of Atom carrying gamma guns can be found here, that wander around hunting said ghouls.

One of the more notable buildings, an old church, is found in the southern center portion of the plain which has its doors chained. One can access it by entering the house next to it and climbing on the roof, where there is a platform which leads straight to the hole in the church's roof, or by going through the windows of the church, which are large enough to jump through without difficulty.

The most sought after place in Jamaica Plain is its town hall, found across from the church, the basement the home of the Jamaica Plain treasures exhibit, which has lured treasure hunters in hopes of finding what lies within. Of these treasure hunters, one group in particular can be found dead and scattered throughout the town, including:

  • Sal - ex-Gunner, heavy weapons specialist, leader of the group. Found in the Mayor's office.
  • Luke Silverhand - Gearhead/tech guy. Found in the church.
  • Carl Everett - Fixer. Found east of the town hall near some concrete barriers and a trashcan fire.
  • Ken Standish - Found on the second floor of a blue house northeast of the town hall.
  • Tanya Standish - with Ken.

The basement used to be a janitor's area but it was changed into a pre-War cache, two months before the Great War. The exhibit itself features many unique pre-War items deemed as treasures by its former inhabitants.

Salvage in Jamaica Plain is rather sparse compared to other sites, but its location as one of the few southeastern settlements make it a good location for a Minutemen artillery piece. The area of Jamaica Plain that can be used to build is only a small portion of the overall ruined town. However, it's a rare settlement that is an actual town with architecture, not a place to build crude wooden shacks. There is no deep water, so simple water pumps must suffice. There are many line-of-sight breaks and natural walls, which combined with the smallish area, should prove easily defensible with some choice turret locations.












  • The body of Hadrian, the sniper accomplice of the now-dead treasure hunting crew, can randomly appear in the Commonwealth having never made it to Jamaica Plain. His inventory contains several items, among them being a Jamaica Plain flyer and a holotape titled Hadrian's invitation which will trigger the quest Find the Treasures of Jamaica Plain.
  • Two police protectrons are located in a store in the middle of town that can help clear out the feral ghouls.
  • Of the two houses within the bounds of the settlement, only one of them can be fully accessed by the Sole Survivor. In the inaccessible one, small objects such as sleeping bags may be placed carefully inside through a hole in the roof; but although the hole seems to be big enough, there is no way for the player character to get inside. If on top, the player character will walk on the space as if there is no hole.
  • The treasure room in Jamaica Plain cost $38.79 million to build in 2077.


Jamaica Plain only appears in Fallout 4.



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