爱尔兰(英文名:Ireland),正式名称为爱尔兰共和国(英文名:Republic of Ireland),在大战前是一个位于欧洲的国家。


联邦中,有大量的爱尔兰国旗,这可能表明爱尔兰在大战前是一个独立的国家。 在整个异尘余生系列中,还有其它提到凯尔特人和带有爱尔兰姓氏的人物的信息,尽管尚未证实它们是指构成英国四个国家之一的爱尔兰共和国还是北爱尔兰。



  • 帕特里克·凯尔特人是美国化的凯尔特人的后裔,通过收集衣服、食物、故事、歌曲和凯尔特历史知识来保存他的遗产。他知道爱尔兰歌曲“Na Gheala Mbeadh”是很蹩脚的爱尔兰语“the Light Would”,可能是“Mo Ghile Mear”或“My Gallant Darling”的误译。

Fallout 2

  • 约翰 L. 苏利文 引用爱尔兰民间传说,有着独特的爱尔兰口音,并使用短语“Erin go bragh!”这是对“Éirinn go Brách”(意思是“永远在爱尔兰”)的英语化修饰。

Fallout 3

  • Colin Moriarty speaks with a working class Dublin accent. He claims his family has lived in the United States for generations, but Herbert Dashwood recalls that he came to the U.S. as a child with his father from an unspecified foreign region.
  • The armor worn by Reilly's Rangers includes a four-leaf clover on it, a symbol typically associated with the Irish.

Fallout: New Vegas

  • 爱尔兰诗人W·B·叶芝(W. B. Yeats)的诗《第二次来临(The Second Coming.)》中的一句话,在莫哈韋廢土分水岭的多个地方都可以找到涂鸦,上面写着“中心无法容纳”。

Fallout 4

  • 凱特以都柏林的工人阶级口音讲话。
  • 愛爾蘭之光工業造船廠 包含许多关于爱尔兰裔美国人文化的参考,其本身来自爱尔兰到美国的移民。
  • The Eddie Winter holotapes reference Irish gangs operating in the Boston area, as well as a trip to Ireland in holotape 9.
  • The Four Leaf Clover perk icon and the Shamrock Taphouse logo contain the national flag of Ireland.
  • Whiskey bottles in Fallout 4 are marked as Irish whiskey and have the word "whiskey" written in the Irish language.
  • Old Longfellow sings traditional Irish songs while idle.
  • In a recording made by Rebecca Linkowski and Gemma, the latter says, "Oh, Rebecca! That's very rebellious of you. Drinking in Paul Revere's house. I'll get my coat and a bottle of Irish!"[1]
  • Like the one in Fallout 3, the Luck bobblehead in Fallout 4 has a four-leaf clover and an Irish buckle hat, a reference to the saying, "luck of the Irish."
  • 四葉水產加工廠名称和徽标指的是四叶草。

Fallout 76

  • Ogham, an early medieval alphabet used to write the primitive Irish language that originated in Ireland, is mentioned in the Vault-Tec University terminal entries.[2]
  • Uisce Beatha is a pre-War whiskey brand that was based in Ireland.
  • Skis found in Appalachia are the Ski-O-Matic brand, with a clover logo.




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