The Slog is a location and potential settlement in the Commonwealth in 2287.


Before the Great War, the Slog was a public outdoor swimming pool and recreation area.

钻石城市长把城里所有的尸鬼全部都赶出去後,他們大部分去了芳邻镇,尸鬼智者则选择北上建立农场,收留所有不受欢迎的尸鬼。Founding the community in the abandoned swimming pool, Wiseman and a group of former Diamond City ghouls began to produce tarberries by utilizing the swimming pool for farming. As word spread about the settlement, various pre-War ghouls began taking up residence within the establishment, including famous inventor Arlen Glass.

爬泥地这个地方的名字也是有来历的,有个商队的商人在大雨下了好几个小时之后来到这里,他说这辈子没爬过这么多的泥巴地,自此,这里开始称为爬泥地。虽然在这里工作像爬泥巴地一样辛苦,全身都脏了,但绝对值得。Upon the eventual departure of the trader, Wiseman decided to name his small residency "The Slog," a metaphor to describe how living at the settlement would always be a challenge, but the endeavor would be worth it in the end.



The concrete building consists of a main room with two entrances, as well as two parallel shower rooms containing several beds and chairs on either side of the entrance. The ghoul inhabitants grow tarberries in the swimming pool outside, along with a cornfield nearby where the workers produce their own food. A children's playground is located beyond a fence near the settlement.


  • 智者
  • 迪爾德雷
  • 瓊斯
  • 霍莉
  • 阿爾倫·葛拉斯
  • 3位工人


  • 小吃店筆記 - 在東北方一個鎖住的小吃店內。


  • Giddyup 'n Go - 阿爾倫·葛拉斯會請求玩家前往威森原子玩具工廠幫他找奶油小馬玩具零件。
  • Holly - Arlen Glass can be given Marlene's holotape, a pre-War recording of his daughter and his wife who both died when the bombs hit more than two centuries ago. It can be found in Wilson Atomatoys Corporate HQ on his terminal from before the war.


  • The Slog is the only location in Fallout 4 where tarberries are being cultivated.
  • Even though the Slog is a ghoul-only settlement, Wiseman will sometimes assign the Ghoul Problem quest, due to them causing problems with traders.
  • Despite all the settlers being ghouls, and thus immune to the harmful effects of radiation, the Slog still requires purified water sources like any other settlement.
  • Despite being a fairly small and shallow body of water, the swimming pool where the tarberries are being cultivated can support water purifiers up to industrial scale.
  • Arlen Glass is not counted in the settlement's population count.
  • The beds are NPC owned but by using setownership allows the player to sleep and scrap said beds
  • Because the Saugus Ironworks factory is very close to this settlement, fast traveling here can sometimes cause the Forged to start attacking your settlers and vice versa. If you place turrets on an elevated platform on the south end of town, they can also open fire on the Forged bandits who wander too close to your town.
    • If a fight is triggered between the settlers and the Forged in Saugus Ironworks, Gunners in Hub City Auto Wreckers may also pick the fight if either settlers or Forged get too close, especially from the elevated bridge, where lies a Gunner commander and some other low-level Gunners. This could result in a large scale, and very hard to control, battle between the three parties.
  • During settlement attacks, enemies forces may attempt to reach the Slog by passing through Saugus Ironworks, resulting in a fight between them and the Forged.
  • The bridge immediately southeast of the Slog is a random encounter location; random encounter characters may spawn on the bridge and may be drawn into combat with either the Slog inhabitants or the nearby Forged at Saugus Ironworks.
  • Dierdre tends to bug as a vendor after the first time you trade with her. She will show no caps, and no inventory, and the player will also show no inventory to trade.
  • There will most likely be a leveled deathclaw across the river lying down.


The Slog only appears in Fallout 4.