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NCR勞改所 is the dominant location of the central Mojave Wasteland. In the distant past, it was the Jean Conservancy, a low-security all-female prison. 在NCR的勢力範圍下被用來安排囚犯勞動。他們每天給NCR清理鐵路,使得埋骨之第和新維加斯能有一條可供使用的通道。但是NCR前線戰事吃緊,本來就不多的守衛有不少都被掉離去巡邏克羅拉多河沿岸,囚犯們在監獄骨幹分子的帶領下發起了暴亂。

Because the rail crews often used explosives (typically dynamite) to blast through rock or get rid of train cars that were locked/fixed on the line, the prisoners inevitably acquired small amounts that they hid in their cells. When they made their break, they blasted their way out. The interior of the prison was clearly the scene of a large riot where the prisoners used explosives, improvised weapons, and stolen NCR trooper equipment to break through multiple walls and scatter through the desert. A lot of the prisoners weren』t in on the escape plan formally; they just got caught up in the moment. Consequently, a lot of them didn』t really know where to go when the dust settled. 暴亂成功後,一部分人跑到了19號避難所,還有一部分逃犯逃到了普瑞姆,其餘人以NCRCF為大本營橫行在廢土。[1]


There are several groups of loosely organized Powder Gangers, many remain in the prison and have been raiding surrounding areas under the leadership of Eddie. There are factions of Powder Gangers spread far along the south-west part of the Mojave Wasteland, as far down as Nipton.

The smaller groups of Powder Gangers are all lead by a strong or cunning underboss, like Joe Cobb. A large contingent of Powder Gangers can be found in Vault 19 under the leadership of Samuel Cooke, although there they are identified as escaped convicts.


Due to their hostility,炸药帮几乎不与任何势力有友好关系。NCR凯撒军团都不喜欢他们,因为炸药帮曾经攻击过凯撒军团的营地。钢铁兄弟会也很不喜欢他们due to interfering with patrols near and in Hidden Valley

Neutral relations are not completely unheard of, as seen in Nipton, although they are very rare. The willingness of Samuel Cooke's group in Vault 19 to join the Great Khans suggests at least some respect is held for the Khans, though no formal relations exist between the two groups without intervention from the Courier.


炸药帮的成员普遍使用炸药,但他们也会使用其他枪械,例如9毫米手枪、单筒霰弹枪357 Magnum revolvers以及从NCR守卫那儿夺来的等等。

Interactions with the player character


Effects of player's actions

  • Completing Ghost Town Gunfight will earn negative reputation with the Powder Gangers.
  • If you have negative reputation with the Powder Gangers, groups of one to three of them will occasionally ambush you south of Primm and west of The Prospector's Den.

Notable quotes


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  • 尽管炸药帮是个逃犯团伙,但是他们并没有被标记为邪恶势力。这意味着,窃取他们的财物可能会导致道德下降。
  • There are several looted caravans along the Long 15 with Powder Gangers hovering around the area. One in particular, a Crimson Caravan Company's caravan slightly northeast of Jean Sky Diving, has a rather sinister scene with a couple of dead caravan guards, the female of which is stripped of her outfit (unlike the male guard, who is still wearing his leather armor). This was the caravan that Ringo was with until it was ambushed, leading to him fleeing to Goodsprings.
  • If you happen to have Arcade Gannon when near some Powder Gangers, they will mention that they bought and sold people like him, possibly indicating they dabble in slavery.
  • The aforementioned female caravan guard ties in with an NPC that was cut from the game. Originally a wasteland adventurer would be standing in front of the sign adjacent to Jean Sky Diving as you approach the intersection with Long 15. You could barter with him and a piece of leather armor would always be present for sale, which implied that he had looted the armor from the caravan guard's body. Most of the assets, including voice acting is included in the game's files.
  • 在早期版本,一旦邮差前往NCR惩戒所,炸药帮立刻会敌对。后来的补丁改变了这个情况,只有在邮差在炸药帮里的声望为负值时,炸药帮才会与其敌对。


Powder Gangers appear in Fallout: New Vegas and J.E. Sawyer's Fallout RPG. The 215 Rail Line Powder Gang were also due to appear in Black Isle's canceled Fallout 3.


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