本文介紹的是the location that appears in Fallout 3 (The Pitt add-on). 關於the unmarked location that appears in Fallout: New Vegas,參見Train tunnel

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I'll meet you up by the tunnel that leads to the Pitt. You go get whatever you'll need for the trip.Wernher



It was converted into a makeshift camp so slavers can periodically sell slaves to the Pitt raiders.





  • 進入匹茲堡


  • 徒步向隧道深處前進,遊戲中會出現「前方一片漆黑,無法前進」的提示。
  • 不取得奴隸裝直接進入隧道的話維爾納會直接出現在隧道里等待玩家啟動小車。進入匹茲堡地區後,來到匹茲堡大門之前玩家仍然有機會獲得奴隸套裝,因為通過大橋後有3名奴隸會嘗試逃跑並且被滿地的地雷炸死。
  • 如果玩家此前已經血洗了失落天堂,奴隸販子蘭姆西會在交談後認出玩家的真實身份並且立即和玩家開打。
  • 首都廢土到匹茲堡249公里的旅程竟然不會消耗任何時間,因為嗶嗶小子上的時間顯示在啟程前和到達後是一樣的。
  • 注意不要在奴隸圍欄旁的那個長條箱裡面存放任何重要物品,因為它會在匹茲堡劇情任務後徹底消失。
  • The Enclave set up many camps near this location, so look out when using it as a fast travel drop off point to visit undiscovered locations nearby.
  • If Ramsey and the other slavers are left alive, or if the slaves are not freed, they will disappear after the completion of The Pitt's quest-line.


This train tunnel appears only in the Fallout 3 add-on The Pitt.

Behind the scenes

During the dialogue with the newly freed slave, the player is given the dialogue option "Your clothes. Give them to me. Now.", a reference to the movie The Terminator, said by The Terminator after arriving naked, having gone back in time, and encountering some punks.

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