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The flamer is a weapon that projects an ignited stream of flammable liquid, and is classified as a big gun in Fallout 3.


The flamer is by far the most effective big gun for close-quarters action. The flamer and its ammunition are fairly common, and can be found on any Mister Gutsy (and even Mister Handies) as well as in many stores.


The flamer can shoot a total of about 208 units of flamer fuel, the equivalent of 4 reloads, from full condition before breaking.



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Flamer 16
Burnmaster 24
Rapid-torch flamer Broken Steel16
Slo-burn flamer Broken Steel18


  • If the Lone Wanderer betrayed Sydney during the quest Stealing Independence, she will send Emaline against them and will have a flamer equipped.
  • The raider, Torcher, uses a flamer as his signature weapon.
  • Two can be found in the Pitt steelyard in the supply plant, along with a small amount of Flamer fuel.
  • One is wielded by a respawning raider at the raid shack and the Bethesda ruins. Both raiders reappear every 72 hours.
  • The Brotherhood of Steel initiate located in the Taft Tunnel wields one.
  • Occasionally carried by Knight sergeant Wilks.


  • The Anchorage Reclamation simulation version of the flamer can be acquired through various exploits but will always be in poor condition, and is unaffected by the Pyromaniac perk.
  • A sneak attack critical, or a fatal critical strike, with the flamer (as with all fire based weapons) results in the target's body being vaporized, leaving only the torso intact. If the player character has the Bloody Mess perk, the torso may also become destroyed. Anything annihilated by a critical strike will also create a small firestorm explosion similar to flammable gas, posing a slight threat to anyone within a few yards of the target.
  • Because of the pilot light on the front end of the flamer (or any other variation of the flamer), this weapon can ignite gas leaks simply by being drawn around them, similar to the Shishkebab and heavy incinerator. This will set off further traps in the area, especially if the gas is used for something (e.g. Gold Ribbon Grocers)
  • The Superior Defender and Ghoul Ecology perks both work with these weapons, combining them with the Pyromaniac perk and 100 Big Guns skill increases the flamer's damage output significantly.
  • It can often be found at Flak 'N Shrapnel's gun shop, however they do not sell it.
  • One can hear the pilot light turn on and off when drawing and holstering the weapon.

Behind the scenes

  • Concept art depicts the flamer originally having a fuel hose connecting it to the backpack.


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