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Patrol the whole length of the Colorado for hundreds of miles?守住大坝!这里将会是我们的埋骨之地!



漢隆长官是NCR游骑兵的首领,也是服役时间最长的成员之一。他在高爾夫营地指挥游骑兵的行动。Loading screen

漢隆最喜歡坐在高爾夫營地那座度假大屋的二層陽台上。這名莫哈維廢土上資格最老的遊騎兵是第一次胡佛大壩戰役擊敗凱撒軍團的大功臣。Leading much of Joshua Graham's forces to ruin, Hanlon set the NCR's victory in stone by turning Joshua's minimalistic battle tactics against him, in which Joshua was unable to compensate. With most of his veteran forces already annihilated at the hands of both 1st Recon and the NCR Rangers, Joshua Graham and his Legion were quickly defeated at strategic locations on the Hoover Dam, and most of his foot soldiers were routed and killed. Afterwards, the NCR refused to listen to Hanlon's advice to destroy the rest of the Legion within the Mojave while they were weak, but was nevertheless honored as a war hero, and remains one of the most influential men in the NCR.

他在遊騎兵部隊已經服役超過四十年,取得過數不清的榮譽,在遊騎兵們之間擁有無與倫比的影響力。儘管由於年事已高,不再參加第一線的戰鬥,他依然留在部隊里發揮餘熱,用其他方式幫助遊騎兵們。鑒於他的巨大影響力,NCR的總統也需要聽取他的意見,將更多的遊俠從Baja地區調來莫哈維。His contributions and influence are seen spread across the Mojave, and those that are wise know not to attract his attention in the wrong way.


Interactions with the player character

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Return to Sender


Return to Sender: It is discovered that Hanlon is falsifying field reports. Once discovered, the Courier can either let Hanlon continue with his plan, turn him in to the NCR authorities, or convince him that falsifying the reports is pointless and Caesar is dead (in the event of Caesar's death) or dying (by discovering his illness during the completion of Render Unto Caesar or receiving some information about it from Silus during Silus Treatment).

Hanlon is typically found on the balcony of the House Resort within Camp Golf, and will not discuss quest matters except for when he is outside on the House Resort balcony. He mans the radio on the balcony from 8AM to 7PM.

If the Courier turns Hanlon in, he will give a brief speech over the intercom before proceeding to commit suicide. A Ranger will exclaim "That shot came from the chief's office," and will run in, guarding the body. Hanlon's Ranger Sequoia will be on the ground next to him, but must be stolen.
The speech is as follows:
Rangers, this is the Chief. I know I can ramble on sometimes, but I need you to listen close for the next minute or so. I got some bad news. I messed up, made a mistake. I thought I could help us get out of here, but it didn't work out. Rangers get injured all the time, it's part of the job. But if you lose a few fingers, get a bad break, that's it. You step down. We rely on each other too much to let our infirmities become a liability. A ranger knows when it's time. Only I didn't. Somewhere along the way, something broke inside me. I couldn't find us a way out of this desert. I wrestled with it, and it took me down a dark road. I wish I could explain it to you. The old chief's finally at a loss for words. Send me all the Legion you can; I'll be waiting for them.


# 幻灯片 画外音旁白 游戏中的条件
Rangers end slide 01.png
漢隆长官死后,NCR游骑兵的力量被打破了多年。他们的组织,如此依赖于其首长的智慧和指导,对废土上的人们来说,它已成为过去的影子。 漢隆长官被杀。
Rangers end slide 01.png
在第二次胡佛大坝之战中,NCR的游骑兵不顾漢隆长官最大的恐惧,坚持不懈并表现出色。游骑兵和NCR的众多士兵一起分享了胜利的荣耀。漢隆明智地避开了聚光灯,将NCR的成功归功于奥利弗将军的领导。在短暂的大张旗鼓之后,汉隆辞去了长官的职务,回到了瑞丁外他平静的农场。 不要暴露漢隆,完成NCR的结局任务找到了!
Rangers end slide 01.png
在对胡佛大坝的袭击中,漢隆长官和他的游骑兵投身于军团进攻的道路,战到最后一男一女。在NCR之后,心怀不满的公民和机会主义的参议员迅速谴责总统金博爾和奥利弗将军。汉隆和他阵亡的游骑兵因其勇敢和牺牲而受到尊敬。 不要暴露长官,为凯撒军团完成结局任务我来,我见,我征服
Rangers end slide 01.png
尽管在第二次胡佛大坝之战中脱颖而出,但由于信使的干扰,游骑兵的胜利是短暂的。漢隆长官亲自指示游骑兵撤离到莫哈维前哨站,因为他们回到了NCR领土。汉隆对莫哈韦中的生命浪费深感痛心,辞去了他的职务。在一场公开谴责奥利弗和金博爾鹰派和帝国主义作风的竞选中,漢隆被选为瑞丁参议员。 不要暴露长官,为独立新维加斯完成没有神,没有主人
Rangers end slide 01.png
尽管他们在NCR保卫胡佛大坝期间表现令人钦佩,但很快游骑兵就陷入了衰退。随着漢隆反对占领的阴谋被曝光,奥利弗被誉为NCR的新战争英雄,许多游骑兵回家后受到冷落。很少有人公开将漢隆的背叛归咎于游骑兵,但对该组织的公众和政治支持迅速减少。 漢隆自杀,为NCR完成结局任务找到了!
Rangers end slide 01.png
凯撒的胜利为游骑兵已故的漢隆长官带来了一小部分的平反。军队返回后,NCR参议院内就谁应对胡佛大坝的损失负责的争论激烈。尽管 NCR的一些人认为 漢隆是叛徒,但许多人认为他是唯一看到保卫新維加斯是徒劳的军事指挥官。 漢隆自杀,为凯撒军团完成结局任务我来,我见,我征服
Rangers end slide 01.png
尽管他们在NCR保卫胡佛大坝期间表现令人钦佩,但很快游骑兵就陷入了衰退。随着汉隆反占领的阴谋被曝光,奥利弗因失去胡佛大坝而受到谴责,许多游骑兵回家后受到冷遇。很少有人公开将汉隆的背叛归咎于游骑兵,但公众和政治上对整个军队的支持迅速减少。 漢隆自杀,完成没有神,没有主人孤注一掷
Rangers end slide 01.png
由于信使的干预,漢隆长官放弃了破坏胡佛大坝防御的计划。在军团的不幸袭击中,游骑兵出色地协助了士兵。尽管奥利弗将军和漢隆长官的领导能力都受到称赞,但长官却悄悄地离开了聚光灯。在经历了一段充满成就的短暂人生后,漢隆长官退休并回到了他在瑞丁的宁静牧场。 说服长官停止伪造记录,完成NCR的结局任务找到了!
由于信使的干预,漢隆长官放弃了破坏胡佛大坝防御的计划。游骑兵英勇地协助NCR的士兵们防御凯撒军团压倒性力量。尽管许多NCR军官在大坝丢掉后不久就逃离了领土,但漢隆长官仍然留在高尔夫营地向军团投降。出于对漢隆镇定和作为对手的价值的尊重,凯撒将他斩首。 说服长官停止伪造记录,完成我来,我见,我征服,不要让凯撒在还有你,布鲁图?中死亡。
由于信使的干预,漢隆长官放弃了破坏胡佛大坝防御的计划。游骑兵英勇地协助NCR的士兵们防御凯撒军团压倒性力量。尽管许多NCR军官在大坝丢掉后不久就逃离了领土,但漢隆长官仍然留在高尔夫营地向军团投降。尽管已故的凯撒将汉伦酋长视为对手,但拉尼厄斯特使还是将漢隆与所有其他游骑兵一起钉在了十字架上。 说服长官停止伪造记录,完成我来,我见,我征服以及让凯撒在还有你,布鲁图?中死亡。
Rangers end slide 01.png
由于信使的干预,漢隆长官放弃了破坏胡佛大坝防御的计划。在军团的不幸袭击中,游骑兵出色地协助了士兵。尽管信使从NCR手中夺得胜利,但只有奥利弗将军因胡佛大坝的损失而受到指责。汉隆在为NCR服务了一生之后精疲力竭,他辞去了游骑兵的职务,退休回到他在瑞丁的牧场。 说服长官停止伪造记录,完成没有神,没有主人孤注一掷

¹ The narrator for this scene says "exhausted from a lifetime" instead of "exhausted after a lifetime".


服装 武器 其他 物品 死 亡
Ranger vest outfit Ranger Sequoia,
Combat knife
- -


Chief Hanlon appears only in Fallout: New Vegas and also mentioned in Lonesome Road (dialogue of Ulysses).

Behind the scenes

  • J.E. Sawyer wrote Hanlon.
  • Hanlon is a ranger and is voiced by Kris Kristofferson, who himself served in the United States Army as a helicopter pilot, and attended the Army's Ranger School.


  • Has platform::PCIcon pc.png Hanlon sometimes glitches and stops talking during his speech. The quest should go on as normal and he will shoot himself 20–30 seconds after he stops talking. This will happen even if you have your Pip-Boy up or if you've paused the game completely, and when you resume, the rangers will react accordingly. (You can still hear his speech in full by going to Data → Misc and playing the audio.)[已核实]
  • Has platform::PCIcon pc.png Even if the player convinces the chief to stop falsifying the reports, they will still get ending 2 (siding with the NCR) or ending 4 (siding with Mr. House or Yes Man) instead of endings 8 or 11, respectively. [已核实]


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