The Ranger cabin is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287. It is found due south of Vault 111 and due west of Concord.


The cabin was used by the US Forest Service prior to the Great War.[1]

Just a day before the bombs fell, 小屋里有个从父母那里逃出来的女孩,女孩跟家里坦白she was pregnant,父亲大怒。The girl recounts her story of leaving home and hiding out in the cabin in the runaway's holotape, which can be found inside the cabin.


A small one-room cabin that contains a copy of Wasteland Survival Guide #8. The runaway's holotape can be found in a suitcase next to the girl's skeleton on the bed.

There is a cooking grill to the rear of the cabin, as well as a chemistry station directly behind the cabin. To the west just near the pond there is a shack with a trader living in it.



  • If Codsworth is traveling with the Sole Survivor as a companion when the Ranger cabin is being explored, he may make a remark about how sad the scene inside the cabin is, and how he hopes that the girl wasn't alone when the bombs fell.
  • If Danse is present, he may comment "rest well, little one."
  • If Curie is present, she may comment, "Oh, the poor little girl." or, "So dirty! Whomever owns this place should be ashamed." or, "Here I am with no duster."
  • If MacCready is present, he may comment, "I've never seen something so beautiful.", though it doesn't seem to be in reference to the scene in the cabin.


The Ranger cabin only appears in Fallout 4.



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