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Gametitle-FO4 FH.png
Gametitle-FO4 FH.png
A new case from Valentine's Detective Agency leads you on a search for a young woman and a secret colony of synths. Travel off the coast of Maine to the mysterious island of Far Harbor, where higher levels of radiation have created a more feral world. Navigate through the growing conflict between the synths, the Children of Atom, and the local townspeople. Will you work towards bringing peace to Far Harbor, and at what cost? Far Harbor features the largest landmass for an add-on that we've ever created, filled with new faction quests, settlements, lethal creatures and dungeons. Become more powerful with new, higher-level armor and weapons. The choices are all yours.— Official description

港灣驚魂Fallout 4第三個擴充內容 , 也是第二個擁有任務和主線故事的資料片,於2016年5月19日發售。






Robots and computers


  • Angler
  • Deathclaw
  • Gulper
  • Feral ghoul
  • Fog crawler
    • Shipbreaker
  • Hermit crab
  • Mirelurk
    • Bloodrage mirelurk
    • Red Death
  • Rad rabbit
  • Rad chicken
  • Radstag
    • Erratic radstag
    • Erratic radstag doe
    • Devolved radstag
    • Devolved radstag doe
  • Wolf
    • Gray wolf
    • Vicious wolf
    • Feral wolf
    • Glowing wolf
    • Mishka
  • Yao guai


Far Harbor locations
The Island map.png

The Island can only be accessed with the add-on Far Harbor installed.


  • Acadia
  • Acadia National Park
    • National Park campground
    • National Park HQ
    • National Park visitor's center
  • Aldersea Day Spa
  • Atom's Spring
  • Basement armory
  • Beaver Creek Lanes
  • Briney's Bait and Tackle
  • Brooke's Head Lighthouse
  • Children of Atom shrine
  • Cliff's Edge Hotel
  • Cranberry Island
    • Cranberry Island Bog
    • Cranberry Island docks
    • Cranberry Island supply shed
  • Dalton farm
  • DiMA's cache
  • Eagle's Cove Tannery
  • Echo Lake Lumber
  • Eden Meadows Cinemas
  • Emmet's Causeway
  • Far Harbor
  • Fringe Cove docks
  • Glowing Grove
  • Haddock Cove
  • Harbor Grand Hotel
  • Horizon Flight 1207
  • Huntress Island
  • Kawaketak Station
  • Kitteredge Pass
  • Longfellow's cabin
  • MS Azalea
  • Nakano residence
  • Northwood Ridge Quarry
  • The Nucleus
  • Oceanarium
  • Old Pond House
  • Pine Crest Cavern
  • Pump control
  • Radiant crest shrine
  • Rayburn Point
  • Red Death Island
  • Rock Point camp
  • Rope bridge complex
  • Ruined church
  • Ruined radio tower
  • Southwest Harbor
  • Vim! Pop factory
  • Waves Crest Orphanage
  • Wind farm maintenance
  • Zephyr Ridge Camp


  • Longfellow's cabin
  • Dalton farm
  • Echo Lake Lumber
  • National Park Visitor's Center

Supply routes can be established and people moved between the settlements on the two regions.


Armor and clothing

  • Acadia's Shield
  • Atom's Bulwark
  • Black fisherman's overalls
  • Brown fisherman's overalls
  • The Captain's Hat
  • Chase's uniform
  • Coastal armor
  • The Dapper Gent
  • Fisherman's hat
  • Fisherman's outfit
  • Fisherman's overalls
  • Green fisherman's overalls
  • Grey fisherman's overalls
  • High Confessor's helm
  • High Confessor's robes
  • Hunter's hood
  • Hunter's long coat
  • Hunter's pelt outfit
  • Inquisitor's cowl
  • Legend of the Harbor
  • Lobster trap helmet
  • Marine armor
  • Marine wetsuit
  • Old fisherman's hat
  • Pirate hat
  • Rescue diver suit
  • Robes of Atom's Devoted
  • Trapper armor
  • Trapper leathers
  • Unyielding synth chest piece (clean)
  • Vault 118 jumpsuit
  • Wool fisherman's cap


  • Admiral's Friend
  • Atom's Judgement
  • Bear trap
  • Bleeding bear trap
  • Bloodletter
  • Butcher's Hook
  • Caltrops
  • December's Child
  • Fencebuster
  • Harpoon gun
  • Kiloton radium rifle
  • Lever-action rifle
  • Lucky Eddy
  • Meat hook
  • Old Reliable
  • Poisoned caltrops
  • Pole hook
  • Radical Conversion
  • Radium rifle
  • Sergeant Ash
  • Skipper's Last Stand
  • The Fish Catcher
  • The Harvester
  • The Striker


  • .45-70
  • Harpoon
  • Modified bowling ball


  • Agile sludgepak
  • Angler meat
  • Aster
  • Black bloodleaf
  • Blight
  • Cave fungus
  • Chicken noodle soup
  • Chicken thigh
  • Durable sludgepak
  • Fire Belly
  • Fried fog crawler
  • Grilled hermit crab
  • Ground mole rat
  • Gulper innards
  • Gulper slurry
  • Hermit crab meat
  • Ice cold Vim
  • Ice cold Vim Captain's Blend
  • Ice cold Vim Quartz
  • Ice cold Vim Refresh
  • Lure weed
  • Mirelurk jerky
  • Poached angler
  • Rabbit leg
  • Raw fog crawler meat
  • Raw sap
  • Resilient sludge cocktail
  • Seasoned rabbit skewers
  • Strong sludge cocktail
  • The Captain's Feast
  • Vim
  • Vim Captain's Blend
  • Vim Quartz
  • Vim Refresh
  • Ware's Brew
  • Wolf meat
  • Wolf ribs


  • Cat remains
  • Coffee cup
  • Condensed fog
  • Condenser power module
  • Drinking glass
  • Garden gnome
  • Hide bundle
  • Jug
  • Lumberjack saw
  • Modified bowling ball schematic
  • Plastic bowl
  • Plastic plate
  • Plastic skull
  • Plastic upper skull
  • Red paint can

Holodisks and notes

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Fallout 4 holodisks and notes

Keys and passwords

此部分转换Fallout 4 keys. 改变它, 请编辑包含在内的页面.

Fallout 4 keys

Legendary effects

Weapon effects

  • Blazing - Blocking has a 25% chance to set attackers on fire for 50 damage.
  • Charged - 10% chance to deal 100 Electrical damage on a successful block.
  • Deadeye - Slows time when aiming down sights.
  • Defiant - The final shot in the magazine deals twice the normal damage.
  • Frigid - 20% chance to freeze the enemy when the player blocks their attack.
  • Hitman's - 10% bonus damage when aiming down sights.
  • Resilient - +150 damage resistance while reloading.
  • Resolute - Time slows down for a moment when the final round is chambered.
  • Steadfast - +50 damage resistance while aiming.

Armor effects

  • Auto Stim - Automatically use a stimpak when hit while health is 25% or less, once every 60 seconds.
  • Cloaking - Being hit in melee generates a Stealth Field once per 60 seconds.
  • Cryogenic - 10% chance to freeze melee attackers, once every 20 seconds.
  • Rad Powered - Grants additional strength the higher the Sole Survivor's rads.
  • Unyielding - +3 to all stats when the player is at 25% or less health.

World objects

Settlement objects

  • Structures
    • Barn
      • Prefabs
        • Barn
        • Roof (x6)
        • Wall - Corner (x3)
      • Floors
        • Floor (x10)
      • Walls
        • Wall (x27)
      • Roofs
        • Roof (x18)
        • Roof - Platform (x3)
        • Roof - Rafter
      • Stairs
        • Stairs (x2)
      • Doors
        • Door (x6)
      • Miscellaneous
        • Post (x2)
        • Outhouse (x4)
        • Outhouse seat
        • Door (x2)
        • Roof cupola
  • Furniture
    • Miscellaneous
      • Fish rack (x10)
  • Decorations
    • Wall decorations
      • Signs
        • Sign (x5)
      • Miscellaneous
        • Hanging buoy (x9)
        • Banner (x5)
    • Miscellaneous
      • Vim machine
      • Crate (x2)
      • Fish basket
      • Lobster cage
      • Tannery hides (x3)
      • Bottle lantern (x6)
      • Bulb lantern
      • Grill


圖標 任務名稱 地點 給予者 報酬 Form ID Editor ID
FH Far from Home trophy.jpg
離鄉背井 瓦倫坦偵探事務所
瓦倫坦偵探事務所廣播 400+ XP
300 瓶盖
Access to Far Harbor
xx{{#pad:001b3f|6|0|left}} DLC03MQ01
Fo4FH Walk in the Park.png
舉手之勞 匕港鎮
艾菲莉船長 400+ XP
Longfellow's cabin as a settlement
xx{{#pad:001b40|6|0|left}} DLC03MQ02
FH Where You Belong trophy.jpg
歸宿 阿卡迪亞 老費朗羅 500+ XP
500 瓶盖
Access to Acadia
xx{{#pad:001b41|6|0|left}} DLC03MQ03
Fo4FH Best Left Forgotten.png
遺忘是福 原子核會 Kasumi Nakano 500+ XP xx{{#pad:001b42|6|0|left}} DLC03MQ04
FH The Way Life Should Be trophy.jpg
生活該有的樣貌 600+ XP
Destroyer of Acadia perk
Acadia's Shield (armor chestpiece)
Lucky Eddy (lever-action rifle)
xx{{#pad:001b43|6|0|left}} DLC03MQ05
FH Cleansing the Land trophy.jpg
淨化大地 600+ XP
Far Harbor Survivalist for siding with Far Harbor
Crusader of Atom for siding with the Children of Atom
xx{{#pad:001b44|6|0|left}} DLC03MQ06
Fo4FH Protector of Acadia.png
改革 阿卡迪亞
600+ XP
Protector of Acadia
Atom's Bulwark
xx{{#pad:02127f|6|0|left}} DLC03MQ06a
FH Close to Home trophy.jpg
離家不遠 阿卡迪亞
400+ XP
Supply stash
xx{{#pad:004f2c|6|0|left}} DLC03MQPostQuest
Icon Fo4 side quest.png
腦死 118號避難所 Pearl
400+ XP (part 1)
300+ XP (part 2)
200 to 1270 pre-War money
xx{{#pad:036763|6|0|left}} DLC03_V118_Quest
Icon Minutemen quest.png
破船怪 The Island
Shipbreaker's radio frequency 275+ XP
Skipper's Last Stand
xx{{#pad:040a87|6|0|left}} DLC03WorkshopRadiantOwned05
Radiant quests
Icon Minutemen quest.png
(地點名稱)冷凝器故障 小島上的聚落
A settler xx{{#pad:00eb4c|6|0|left}} DLC03WorkshopRadiantOwned01
Icon Minutemen quest.png
Deadliest Catch 小島上的聚落
A settler xx{{#pad:040a86|6|0|left}} DLC03WorkshopRadiantOwned04
Icon Minutemen quest.png
Super Mutants in the Fog 小島上的聚落
A settler ~100 XP
~100 瓶盖
xx{{#pad:00eb51|6|0|left}} DLC03WorkshopRadiantOwned02
Icon Minutemen quest.png
Trapper Attack 小島上的聚落
A settler ~100 XP
~100 瓶盖
xx{{#pad:039953|6|0|left}} DLC03WorkshopRadiantOwned03
Fo4FH Protector of Acadia.png
阿卡迪亞的理念 阿卡迪亞 300+ XP xx{{#pad:0456d3|6|0|left}} DLC03AcadiaQuestPointers
Fo4FH Protector of Acadia.png
資料回復 小島阿卡迪亞 法拉戴 250+ XP xx{{#pad:04b1f6|6|0|left}} DLC03AcadiaM03
Fo4FH Protector of Acadia.png
初來乍到 小島
蔡絲 400+ XP
200/250/300/400 瓶盖
xx{{#pad:01536f|6|0|left}} DLC03AcadiaM01
Fo4FH Protector of Acadia.png
記憶的代價 阿卡迪亞 考格 350+ XP
Crippling sledgehammer or legendary synth chestpiece
xx{{#pad:04B95A|6|0|left}} DLC03AcadiaM04
Fo4FH Protector of Acadia.png
獵捕獵人 小島
狄珍 475+ XP
420-610 瓶盖
xx{{#pad:04049B|6|0|left}} DLC03AcadiaM02
Fo4FH Crusader of Atom.png
洗濯液 原子核會 瑪伊修女 350+ XP
Radical Conversion
xx{{#pad:02b500|6|0|left}} DLC03DLC03CoA_FFNucleus03
Fo4FH Crusader of Atom.png
異端 原子核會
Ruined church
理奇特大烈士 400+ XP
Atom's Judgement
xx{{#pad:01b0af|6|0|left}} DLC03AtomM02
Fo4FH Crusader of Atom.png
迷霧中的預象 原子核會
理奇特大烈士 400+ XP
Member of the Church of the Children of Atom
Access to the Nucleus
xx{{#pad:00afb1|6|0|left}} DLC03AtomM01
Fo4FH Crusader of Atom.png
原子之神的指示 原子核會 泰克圖斯大司祭 300+ XP xx{{#pad:0500e4|6|0|left}} DLC03CoA_QuestPointers
Fo4FH Crusader of Atom.png
戴溫修士的試煉 原子核會 威爾烈士 350+ XP
Ware's brew recipe
4 Ware's brew
xx{{#pad:01055c|6|0|left}} DLC03CoA_FFNucleus01
Fo4FH Crusader of Atom.png
獵女巫 原子核會 泰克圖斯大司祭 350+ XP
Inquisitor's cowl
xx{{#pad:02c8b3|6|0|left}} DLC03CoA_FFNucleus02
Fo4FH Far Harbor Survivalist.png
血潮 匕港鎮
National Park campground
Dalton farm
Brooke's Head Lighthouse
凱西·達頓 350+ XP
900 瓶盖
Dalton farm as a settlement
xx{{#pad:023acb|6|0|left}} DLC03FarHarborFF01
Fo4FH Far Harbor Survivalist.png
突破霧牆 匕港鎮
Eagle's Cove tannery
水手 300+ XP
450 瓶盖
Combat shotgun
xx{{#pad:00a990|6|0|left}} DLC03DLC03FarHarborFF03a
Fo4FH Far Harbor Survivalist.png
突破霧牆 2 匕港鎮
MS Azalea
水手 300+ XP
400 瓶盖
xx{{#pad:00aec4|6|0|left}} DLC03FarHarborFF03b
Fo4FH Far Harbor Survivalist.png
突破霧牆 3 匕港鎮
Haddock Cove
水手 300+ XP
615 瓶盖
A legendary harpoon gun
xx{{#pad:02039a|6|0|left}} DLC03FarHarborFF03c
Fo4FH Far Harbor Survivalist.png
危機當前 匕港鎮 艾菲莉船長 400+ XP xx{{#pad:04e77a|6|0|left}} DLC03DLC03FarHarborM02
Fo4FH Far Harbor Survivalist.png
成年禮 匕港鎮
泰迪·萊特 350+ XP
600 瓶盖
The Captain's Hat
The Captain's Feast
xx{{#pad:00a992|6|0|left}} DLC03FarHarborM01
Fo4FH Far Harbor Survivalist.png
安全通道 匕港鎮 艾菲莉船長 300+ XP xx{{#pad:023aca|6|0|left}} DLC03FarHarborFF02
Fo4FH Far Harbor Survivalist.png
更迭潮汐 匕港鎮 艾菲莉船長 500+ XP
Rescue diver suit
xx{{#pad:04e779|6|0|left}} DLC03FarHarborM03
Fo4FH Far Harbor Survivalist.png
The Great Hunt 匕港鎮
The Mariner 300+ XP
Legend of the Harbor
xx{{#pad:02399f|6|0|left}} DLC03FarHarborS03
Fo4FH Far Harbor Survivalist.png
死裡逃生 匕港鎮
National Park Visitor's Center
米契 300+ XP
610 瓶盖
Fire Belly recipe
National Park Visitor's Center as a settlement
xx{{#pad:00a991|6|0|left}} DLC03FarHarborS01
Fo4FH Far Harbor Survivalist.png
阻擋迷霧 匕港鎮
Echo Lake Lumber
小柏莎 300+ XP
410 瓶盖
Echo Lake Lumber as a settlement
xx{{#pad:00aec3|6|0|left}} DLC03FarHarborS02
Icon Institute quest.png
禁忌知识 学院 William Moseley xx{{#pad:013f3a|6|0|left}} DLC03Acadia_Institute
Icon Fo4 BoS quest.png
搜尋並摧毀 普利德溫號 Lancer Captain Kells xx{{#pad:013f39|6|0|left}} DLC03Acadia_BoS



Name Rank Attribute Name Attribute Rank Character Level Description Base ID
Strong Back 5 STR 6 40 When overencumbered, running costs 50% less action points. xx{{#pad:0423A3|6|0|left}}
Night Person 3 PER 6 37 You have 30 extra health between the hours of 6:00 PM and 6:00 AM. xx{{#pad:043222|6|0|left}}
Rad Resistant 4 END 6 35 You now have +40 Radiation Resistance. xx{{#pad:0423A4|6|0|left}}
Lone Wanderer 4 CHA 3 50 When adventuring without a companion, you have 25 more action points. xx{{#pad:0365F8|6|0|left}}
Scrapper 3 INT 5 40 You get more from salvaging. xx{{#pad:0423A5|6|0|left}}
Action Boy/Action Girl 3 AGI 5 38 Your Action Points now regenerate 75% faster. xx{{#pad:034e7f|6|0|left}}
Critical Banker 4 LCK 7 50 You can now save 4 Critical Hits, to be used in V.A.T.S. when you need them the most. xx{{#pad:034E81|6|0|left}}

Quest/faction related perks

Perk Benefit Base ID
Captain's Feast +10% XP earned for 2 hours. xx{{#pad:04fa84|6|0|left}}
Crusader of Atom Provides a bonus to your weapon's damage. The higher your rads, the higher the bonus. xx{{#pad:023b36|6|0|left}}
Destroyer of Acadia When your health falls below 20%, do 4x damage for 30 seconds. xx{{#pad:02c9b4|6|0|left}}
Far Harbor Survivalist Gain +5 to all resistances. xx{{#pad:02c9b5|6|0|left}}
Inquisitor of Atom Provides a bonus to your weapon's damage. The higher your rads, the higher the bonus. xx{{#pad:02c9b2|6|0|left}}
Protector of Acadia When your health falls below 20%, gain 1000 damage resist and energy resist for 30 seconds. xx{{#pad:02c9b3|6|0|left}}

Magazine perks

Magazine Issue Perk Base ID
Islander's Almanac Pincer Dodge Take 5% less damage from Mirelurk melee attacks. xx{{#pad:050b32|6|0|left}}
Precision Hunting 5% higher VATS chance against animals the player is in combat with. xx{{#pad:050b33|6|0|left}}
Far Harbor Sightseer's Guide Marks multiple locations on the map. xx{{#pad:050b34|6|0|left}}
Children of Atom Exposé Receive 10% less damage from radiation-based attacks. xx{{#pad:050b35|6|0|left}}
Recipe Roundup Unlocks sludge based recipes at chemistry stations. xx{{#pad:050b36|6|0|left}}

Companion perks

Perk Associated character Benefit Base ID
Hunter's Wisdom Old Longfellow The Damage Resistance and Energy Resistance of animals and sea creatures is reduced by 25%. xx{{#pad:018621|6|0|left}}


Name Requirement Achievement points Trophy type PC/PS4 Image Xbox Image
New England Vacationer Discover 20 Far Harbor locations 10 Gamerscore Bronze.png FH New England Vacationer trophy.jpg New England Vacationer Xbox achievement.jpg
Hooked Defeat 30 Far Harbor sea creatures 10 Gamerscore Bronze.png FH Hooked trophy.jpg Hooked Xbox achievement.jpg
Push Back the Fog Unlock 3 Far Harbor Workshop locations 10 Gamerscore Bronze.png FH Push Back the Fog trophy.jpg Push Back The Fog Xbox achievement.jpg
Just Add Saltwater Cook one of the new Far Harbor recipes 10 Gamerscore Bronze.png FH Just Add Saltwater trophy.jpg Just Add Saltwater Xbox achievement.jpg
The Islander's Almanac Collect all issues of the "Islander's Almanac" magazine 10 Gamerscore Bronze.png FH The Islanders Almanac trophy.jpg The Islanders Almanac Xbox achievement.jpg
Cleansing the Land Complete the quest "Cleansing the Land" 20 Gamerscore Bronze.png FH Cleansing the Land trophy.jpg Cleansing the Land Xbox achievement.jpg
Far From Home Complete the quest "Far From Home" 20 Gamerscore Bronze.png FH Far from Home trophy.jpg Far From Home Xbox achievement.jpg
Where You Belong Complete the quest "Where You Belong" 20 Gamerscore Bronze.png FH Where You Belong trophy.jpg Where You Belong Xbox achievement.jpg
The Way Life Should Be Complete the quest "The Way Life Should Be" 20 Gamerscore Bronze.png FH The Way Life Should Be trophy.jpg The Way Life Should Be Xbox achievement.jpg
Close to Home Complete the quest "Close to Home" 50 Gamerscore Silver.png FH Close to Home trophy.jpg Close to Home Xbox achievement.jpg


  • Companions will join the Sole Survivor as they travel between the Commonwealth and the Island.
  • Nick Valentine and Old Longfellow are the only companions who offer any situational dialogue during events of the add-on. Everyone else the Sole Survivor brings along for the journey will gain or lose affinity in accordance with their personality, but they will neither interject in conversations nor will they comment on their unique surroundings beyond what they would say in the base game.
  • Having Dogmeat as a companion will prompt unique dialogue with the super mutant Erickson.
  • Loot deposited in a container in the outbuilding at the Nakano residence before the initial boat journey to Far Harbor will not be present in that container upon return.


Official trailers

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