Portside Pub is a location in the Forest region of Appalachia in 2102. It is a small restaurant in the city of Morgantown.


Portside Pub was a nautical-themed bar in the city of Morgantown. The building was a two-level establishment, with dining available on both the first and second floors, with a billiards table on the first floor by the entrance. The pub specialized in seafood[1] and local brews such as Blackwater Brew and New River red ale.


Portside Pub is a bright blue building sitting on the banks of the river which runs through Morgantown. There are still a few cars in the parking lot, one of which has three duffle bags in the back. A boat has been hoisted up on two posts, advertising the pub.

The entrance to the pub is on the southeast side of the building. As its name implies, the pub is nautically themed. Its decorations include life preservers, model boats in display cases, and a large anchor on the wall. Two skeletons sit on couches around a coffee table, beer bottles in hand. Another skeleton sits on a chair on the coffee table in front of them. Behind a long bar area is a first aid box, a shotgun and some shotgun shells. The entrance to the kitchen is also found behind the bar. In the kitchen is a steamer trunk. A menu on a table near the bar advertises the happy hour specials.

A set of stairs leads to the upper level which contains more seating. A hole in the wall here allows access to the roof where a locked safe (Picklock 1) is located. The roof can also be accessed via a set of outdoors stairs on the northwestern side of the building.



Portside Pub appears only in Fallout 76.


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