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Find the punga fruit at your local merchant now, or buy straight from the source at the Duchess Gambit, now docked south of the Citadel.

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独行者从这里搭乘杜切斯棋局号由Duchess Gambit ferry匪徒带领前往望海崖。


The area consists of a small dock leading to a ferry owned by Tobar, the Duchess Gambit]. The ferry is the only way to Point Lookout from the Capital Wasteland. Along the docks you can find a small pot of wild punga fruit. In addition, you can find Catherine on the docks, looking for her daughter, Nadine, who has apparently run away to Point Lookout.

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  • 河蟹人会在这里刷新,即使没有安装“断钢”也是如此,不过他们立即就会被Tobar(或者Nadine,在Tailing the Tomboy这个任务之后)Catherine干掉。河蟹人每72小时刷新一次,玩家等级较高的时候,这里是刷软壳蟹肉的好地方,因为2个河蟹王,2个河蟹猎手和1个普通河蟹人的出现。
  • 当你从附近的阿灵顿下水道出来的时候,一队鹰爪公司的佣兵有时候会出现在沙滩上的翻倒的卡车旁。
  • 码头上的储物柜不是个放东西的好地方,因为他们时常会刷新掉。
  • It is the first place the Lone Wanderer discovers related to Point Lookout.
  • A centaur may occasionally spawn on the bridge to the Duchess Gambit.
  • 2 dead wastelanders can be found in the sewer exit nearby.


The riverboat landing appears only in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.


  • Icon pc Icon xbox360 Icon ps3 有时候木质码头周围的水在玩家到达这里后会变成纯白,或者完全消失。玩家可以打开pipboy的等再关掉它来解决这个问题。[已核实]
  • Icon pc Icon xbox360 Icon ps3 有的时候Tobar会浮在水面上,最终导致玩家无法和它对话,因为他会陷在船里。解决这个问题最简单的方法是快速旅行到其他地方,比如核弹镇,再返回。[已核实]


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