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關於the cut location in Fallout,參見Burrows
A new Wild Appalachia dungeon experience, The Burrows, will become available for the heartiest of explorers starting April 16. Muster your squad and follow in the footsteps of the Brotherhood of Steel who sent their own forces into the darkness and muck below Harper's Ferry for mysterious reasons.

Inside the Vault: looking beyond patch 8

The Burrows is a location in Appalachia, added by the Wild Appalachia add-on.


The Burrows was a once thriving settlement located in the sewers under Harpers Ferry. It was eventually taken control over by a gang named the Burrow boys.

The residents of The Burrows would later relocate to Mosstown. This lead to their demise as they were now exposed to The Scorched Plague


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  • Ballistic fiber - Military ammo bag, inside the Picklock level 3 weapon storage near the throne room.
  • 深洞任務簡報 - 兄弟會屍體上,兩邊的排水孔下來都會遇到。
  • 深洞舊排水道鑰匙 - 中央室(Central字樣)的深洞幫王座旁邊床頭櫃上。
  • 深洞警告 - 在食堂(mess hall字樣)靠近佈告欄的桌上。
  • 給茉德 - 在下水道最深處的幫浦室的控制終端機內。.
  • 茉德的日記 - 在中央室靠近市場(Market字樣)北邊入口的桌上。.
  • 馬克斯的演講 - 插在深洞幫終端機內的全像卡帶。
  • 對狄倫的警告 - 在碼頭邊,裝甲工作台旁。
  • Random recipe - Next to the cooking station in the central chamber, on a cinder block.

註釋 編輯

給皮特 - 在通往舊排水道的入口前屍體旁。(無法拾起)


The Burrows appears only in the Fallout 76 add-on Wild Appalachia.


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