Variable Removal is a Railroad radiant quest in Fallout 4. It requires the Sole Survivor to go to a random location and eliminate a Courser. If left unchecked, a Courser could cause a lot of damage to the Railroad's infrastructure.

Quick walkthrough

Railroad radiant quest: Variable Removal
Speak to Predictive Analytic Machine.
Accept the mission.
Head to the designated location.
Kill the courser.
Report to Predictive Analytic Machine.
Reward: 300 XP
100–300 caps

Detailed walkthrough

1. Eliminate the Courser

The Pip-Boy will have been updated with the location of the Courser (they are different random locations). Travel to that location and eliminate the Courser however necessary. The only kill required to complete the quest is the Courser's, but all of the synths can be destroyed at this location without turning the Institute hostile.

2. Report back to Predictive Analytic Machine

Return to P.A.M. at the Railroad HQ. She will congratulate the player character on a job well done and give bottlecaps or sometimes a weapon as a reward.

Possible locations

Quest stages

100 Eliminate the CourserPAM has intel on a Courser in the field. An unchecked Courser can cause tremendous damage to the Railroad. So my job is to eliminate it.
200 Report back to P.A.M.The Courser's been put down. Another grave threat to the Railroad taken care of. Now to check in with PAM.
300Quest finishedQuest completeWith that Courser taken care of, PAM doesn't have any more leads on others in field. The Railroad's a little safer. For now, at least.
9000Quest failedQuest failed


  • When initiating this quest, P.A.M.'s dialogue will differ depending on whether or not the Institute has been destroyed.
  • When the Institute is friendly to the Sole Survivor, killing the Courser does not make them hostile, although it is still considered to be a murder and will be registered as such in the crime stats.
  • It is possible for this quest to point to a location in an installed add-on.
  • In Survival mode P.A.M. states that there are three Coursers to be removed, and she does not give any more quests after the third courser is killed.


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