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The fire axe is a weapon in Fallout: New Vegas.




使出Mauler 的特殊攻击,V模式下造成50%伤害,消耗27点AP,但有几率把敌人击倒。

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The fire axe can successfully strike about 995 times from full condition before breaking.



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Fire axe 55
Knock-Knock 66
Note: Melee damage is doubled in V.A.T.S.


  • Camp Searchlight - two can be found on the first floor of the Fire Department building.
  • Crimson Caravan - one may be purchased from Blake.
  • Great Khan armory - one may be purchased from Great Khan armorer
  • Legion raid camp - can be found on Legion soldiers near the area.
  • Legate's Camp- two can be found on Legion soldiers at the entrance.
  • Mick & Ralph's - one may be purchased from Mick.
  • Sealed sewers - one can be found next to the dead prospector.
  • Tribal Village - one to three can be found, northwest from Goodsprings Cemetery.
  • Honest Hearts found on the dead bodies of certain White Legs
  • Found on the bodies of Fiends, especially when heading down to Red Rock Canyon
  • Lonesome Road (add-on) found on some defeated Marked men.


  • If you dismember an opponent, the fire axe will have a blood stain on the blade, which will disappear in a matter of seconds.
  • Due to its early availability at the Tribal Village, the axe's special move can allow the Courier to complete knock down challenges much sooner in the game than other methods. The others are the Ranger Takedown, brahmin tipping, Knock-Knock (Mauler), Super Slam! and the companion Rex.


  • Has platform::PCPC This weapon and its unique variant "Knock-Knock" can perform the spinning power attack but only deal damage to one target. [已验证]
  • Has platform::PCPC This weapon cannot be repaired with pool cues. [已验证]
  • Has platform::PCPC Has platform::Playstation 3Playstation 3 While in Zion, the White Legs carrying one will die and the axe will be stuck in mid-air. [已验证]