The Coast Guard Pier is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


The pier was used by the United States Coast Guard prior to the Great War. It had just intercepted a shipment of smuggled chems when the bombs fell.[1][2]


This location has two buildings: the main building and a small guard tower next to the river. There are also a couple of trailers. To the north there is a crashed Vertibird, and in the river next to the guard tower there is a sunken ship.

Inside the main building there are two floors. On the first floor, one will find the evidence lockup and one cell. Inside the evidence lockup there is quite a bit of ammo and Buffout. There are three safes, two in the lockup room in the basement, and one upstairs (middle floor depending on which entrance is taken) near the southwest corner in an area that looks like the office area. One of the trailers is locked and trapped, but can be disarmed through the back window.




  • There is an assault rifle located on the right hand side in the cockpit of the destroyed Vertibird. It can be acquired by jumping towards the front of the Vertibird and looking at it, or by throwing a well-aimed grenade to move it from its original location. When travelling with Dogmeat, it is possible that he will find and bring this weapon to the Sole Survivor.
  • There's an armor workbench in the locked and trapped trailer and a weapons workbench in the trailer closest to the pier.
  • The holding cell features clean, Vault-style beds.


The Coast Guard Pier appears only in Fallout 4.



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