You have a better understanding of living creatures and their strengths and weaknesses. You get a one-time bonus of +10% to Doctor, and you do +5 damage per attack to living creatures.Fallout 2 description
Living Anatomy allows you to see the health and Damage Threshold of any target. It also gives you a +5% bonus to damage against humans and non-feral ghouls.Fallout: New Vegas description

Living Anatomy is a perk in Fallout 2, Fallout: New Vegas, and Fallout Tactics.

Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics

You gain +10% Doctor and +5 damage per attack against organics. This does not appear to stack with burst weapons.


Fallout 2 In the unpatched version, you get +20% to Doctor instead of +10%.[已验证]

Fallout: New Vegas

You can see the HP and DT of any characters, creatures and robots and you gain +5% damage against humans and non-feral ghouls.


  • Targets with "long" names (such as "Brotherhood of Steel Paladin") may extend two lines when targeted, and thus push the HP and DT down past the edge of the screen, making the numbers unreadable.
  • The perk tracks overkill damage, so targets can display negative HP.
  • The first effect is similar to the Awareness perk of Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics.


Has platform::PCIcon pc.png Has platform::Playstation 3Icon ps3.png Has platform::Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Pip-Boy 3000: All weapons displaying damage statistics are increased by 5%. [已验证]


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