Only ten percent daily interest, a maximum of ten days to repay. You won't find a more generous lending institution anywhere in the Hub!

Lorenzo Giovanni is the owner and operator the Friendly Lending Company, or FLC, a moneylending business in the downtown district of the Hub.


Styling himself as "the Munificient" and giving the outward appearance of an honest businessman running a respectable business, Lorenzo is in reality a veritable loan shark. Quite willing to use physical force - via enforcers Guido and Leone - to exact payment from a customer, Lorenzo can grow extremely hostile when clients deviate from an agreement. He also claims that the Giovanni family name has been involved in "respectable business" since even before the Great War.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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  • Clean out the Loan Shark
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该角色是一名商人 卖: loans


  • Clean out the Loan Shark: Borrow money from Lorenzo Giovanni until he won't go any higher and then kill him.

Other interactions

  • It is possible to get loans from Lorenzo, and also accuse him for his dealings with Decker. Lorenzo rather readily reveals his ties to Decker, the head of the Underground. When an unnamed individual accused Lorenzo of extortion, which was likely a truthful claim, his "good friend Decker set them straight". He also suggests to the Vault Dweller that Decker might have some work available for him, even offering himself as a reference.


服装 武器 其他 物品
Leather jacket 10mm SMG
10mm JHP x30


Lorenzo appears only in Fallout.

Behind the scenes

Lorenzo's name is derived from two Medici, members of the most prominent banking family of Renaissance Italy. Lorenzo "The Magnificent" was a skilled statesman, diplomat and a patron of the arts and sciences, while the corrupt Giovanni became Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, assuming the papal name Leo X.