You know, if you knew what you were doing I coulda been out of there hours ago.

Ted Gunderson is a character found in the Ultra-Luxe casino in 2281.


Ill-mannered and entitled, he is the son of notorious brahmin baron Heck Gunderson. While accompanying his father to the Ultra-Luxe, Ted Gunderson was mistakenly kidnapped by the faction of the White Glove Society loyal to Mortimer, who intended to serve him at a special dinner designed to convert the society to cannibalism. He can be found in the Ultra-Luxe kitchens.

When Ted's identity is discovered, however, Mortimer voices his new unwillingness to serve Ted, and requests the Courier to find a new "main course" to continue on with their plan. Mortimer also gives the Courier the option of killing Ted and framing his father for the murder.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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  • Beyond the Beef: The White Glove Society intends to serve Ted as the main course at a special dinner.
  • Pheeble Will: Walter Phebus wants Heck Gunderson to suffer. Killing Ted should work.


服装 武器 其他 物品 死 亡
Dirty pre-War parkstroller outfit
Rattan cowboy hat
Ted Gunderson's blood


  • If one uses the Cannibal perk to devour him, the White Glove Society does not notice, since Mortimer's intention was to do the same.
  • If one rescues him, but kills his father on the return to the casino's entrance, Ted follow them until he dies. He is not controllable like a regular companion.
  • If the Courier tries to enter through the Strip North Gate with Ted following, the guards kill him because he does not have a passport.
  • While rescuing him, Ted is unable to sneak, until the Courier attempts to interrupt Mortimer in his speech during the conclusion of the quest, Beyond the Beef.
  • When talking to Ted in the freezer, selecting the talk option "Your dad's powerful. Someone wants him to feud with the White Glove Society" will have him call them the "White Pants Society" instead of White Glove Society.

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Ted Gunderson appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.