The Boston mayoral shelter is a pre-War location in 2287, created to shelter the mayor of Boston and his family from the nuclear strike in 2077.





The entrance to the shelter consists of a bunker, with a control room to the immediate north of the bunker. In front of the bunker is a digger with a door lying in front of it, linked to its bucket by cables. This used to be the door to the bunker but was pulled off by the angry mob trying to get in. The bunker entrance has many skeletons in it, with two that appear to have been guards and the rest possibly part of the mob. The door to the shelter is controlled by a terminal in a security building just to the north of the entrance.

The shelter itself consists of multiple layers including a gym, sleeping quarters and a maintenance room with a crafting bench and armor crafting station. Initially, the door will be locked and the Sole Survivor must activate an unlocked terminal in the nearby control room.

While in the bunker, several holodisks can be found documenting the deaths of the bunker's population. As the Sole Survivor wanders deeper into the bunker, the remains of the wife can be found in the maintenance room, indicating her unfortunate demise.

There is a button upstairs in the gym that unlocks a shortcut back to the entrance. Alternatively, the player character can take a right turn when exiting the elevator (gas leak) and use a pipe to traverse to the lower level.

When the player character enters the shelter, the only hostiles at first will be the three laser turrets. As soon as the player character sets foot in the gym, synths will appear throughout the shelter and occupy it. If not friendly with the Institute, one can fight through all of them back to the entrance or bypass a majority of them with the pipe in the gym. Entering the rough tunnel through the southwest corner of the gym will cause a deathclaw to enter through a hole in the ceiling as the player character approaches the light.


  • 驚世奇譚第1期 - 在市長的骷髏所在浴室的下一個房間,走道的盡頭。
  • 波士頓避難所·市長的道別 - 在上述浴室。
  • 胖子發射器 - 在健身房過去連結的洞穴裡,拿起之後一隻死亡爪會從天而降。
  • 波士頓市長避難所保險櫃鑰匙 - 在樓上儲藏室的行李箱。
  • 波士頓市長避難所浴室鑰匙 - 和浴室同一樓層,終端機旁櫃子裡。另外一把在西艾佛雷特莊園
  • 波士頓避難所·你在哪裡? - 通過健身房後可以看到雜物間,市長夫人的骷髏附近。
  • 核融合核心 - 同上,發電機裡。
  • 隱形小子 - 入口進來的通道,一具军人骷髅旁边。
  • 逾期圖書 - 市長臥室東側的兒童房。
  • 打手先生模型組 - 同上。
  • Bottlecap mine at a dead end behind a cymbal monkey, toward the end of the long red pipe tunnel that serves as an alternate entrance to the gym.
  • 波士頓避難所·護衛更新 - 在有需要終端機解鎖的安全門的房間。
  • 迷你核彈 - 上述雜物間。

Related quests


  • 激光炮塔发射学院的蓝光。
    • 如果玩家与学院合作中,炮塔不会攻击玩家。
  • The synths spawn regardless of whether the Institute is still active or not.
  • A teddy bear can be found in the children's bedroom with wooden blocks next to it spelling "I AM D."
  • A teddy bear can be found holding a baby rattle and sitting in a wheelchair, behind the upturned minecart at the bottom of the stairs leading to the gym locker room.


仅出现于 Fallout 4.